Akuma is coming, but he’s looking a little different than we remember…

We’ve known for months that Street Fighter 6’s next DLC character will be Akuma, but to kick off the year Capcom gave Street Fighter fans a further teaser of the upcoming character. A new picture of Akuma was posted to Twitter/X on Dec. 31 under the caption “Raging into 2024!”

The art depicts a fearsome looking Akuma, who looks more jacked than ever  with his signature gi and barefoot attire. Akuma was revealed as a DLC character in 2023, but his release date was never fully confirmed, only stating “Spring  2024.”

Akuma in SF6

(Image via Capcom)
(Image via Capcom)

Akuma, a shotokan character like Ryu or Ken, first appeared in Super Street Fighter II Turbo after being inspired by an April Fools’ joke screenshot. Since then, he’s become one of the primary antagonists of the Street Fighter series. 

In Street Fighter 6, the character will utilize the Ansatsuken style of martial arts and possibly utilize the Satsui no Hado, a technique used to tap into your dark side. This means that Akuma effectively plays like a more aggressive version of Ryu and Ken. In game terms this will likely make him somewhat of a glass cannon, although it would be hard to tell looking at his massive frame.

What’s more, Akuma’s classic Zanku Hadoken, or jumping Hadoken will be available for players to learn on their custom characters. This move will likely be incredibly popular due to its effectiveness in versus play and likely utility in World Tour mode. 

As mentioned, we don’t have a solid date for Akuma’s SF6 release but expect to see the now white-haired, demonic-looking fighter to land in the first half of 2024, to coincide with spring.

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