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Dear Capcom: Add these DLC characters to Street Fighter 6!


Who should be the next DLC characters in Street Fighter 6? Here’s our picks.

One of the most exciting aspects of a new fighting game is the roster intrigue. What new characters will appear? Will old favorites make a return? And in the case of the Mortal Kombat series, seeing if any out of left field surprises make the roster. That's why we have high hopes for the DLC characters for Street Fighter 6. It's a chance to not only improve the longevity of the game, but it's fun to theorycraft who may get the green light to fight.

While we already know the first wave of DLC fighters coming to SF6, those will hardly be the last. Let's look at our picks for who should get back in them streets and fight once more as DLC characters in Street Fighter 6.

Street Fighter 6 DLC: Time to oil up

One of the most unique characters to ever grace a Street Fighter roster, Hakan deserves another shot at glory. Originally appearing in Super Street Fighter IV, the turkish oil wrestler features one of the most complicated movesets in a Capcom fighter. His ability to oil himself mid-match turned the grappler into one of the slipperiest and most effective characters in the game. However, the second that oil went away Hakan was left high and dry.

We've seen advertisements in the single player mode of Street Fighter 6 for Hakan's brand of oil, so he's clearly on Capcom's mind. I'd also be remiss if I didn't mention this was a self-serving pick. I was a Hakan main throughout most of Street Fighter IV and I just want my big, oily man returned to me.

Please, Capcom.

Do the kung-fu

Gen is cool, full stop. The former master of Chun-Li-turned-assassin, Gen was last seen in Street Fighter IV. Speaking of complicated fighters, he actually featured two distinct movesets that players could switch between by changing Gen's stance. One was a more aggression-focused set with an E. Honda-like One Hundred Hands akin move. Meanwhile, his other stance used charge moves and methodical anti-airs to counter opponents.

Not only does Gen still offer an interesting antagonist to Chun-Li in her newfound era of being a master, but we need more elderly fighters in video games. Shang-Tsun is making a comeback in Mortal Kombat 1, so why not Gen as a DLC character in Street Fighter 6?

RIP Darkstalkers

I love the Darkstalkers franchise, but I think it's time to call its time of death. For almost a decade Capcom has teased and taunted fans with the prospect of a new game in the horror monster fighting game franchise, to no avail. The reasons as to why always felt like excuses. They ranged from "We can't get the character's transformations to work on modern machines" to "That Darkstalkers remaster we released didn't sell well enough."

Well, fine. If you won't give me more Darkstalkers then how about we put its flagship character in another game and give mainline Street Fighter its first-ever guest character. Iconic, popular, and fun to play, Morrigan is the perfect choice to represent the Night Warriors in Street Fighter 6.

Last seen in the much-maligned Marvel vs Capcom Infinite, Morrigan fits perfectly into the Street Fighter system. Her ability to switch between projectile barrages and up-close melee pressure makes Morrigan an interesting fighter to fit into the franchise. And, if we're being honest: She's one of the most recognizable fighting game characters of all time.

Give the people what they want, Capcom. And in this case, that's oiled up men, geriatric kung-fu masters, and succubi!

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