Did Kai Cenat’s stream room really get blow up by fireworks during his stream with MrBeast?

If you had happened to be watching the Kai Cenat x MrBeast live stream, you would have seen Kai Cenat's stream room explode as thousands of fireworks were accidentally lit off. Yes, I am not making this up. Kai Cenat and MrBeast recently hosted a live stream with thousands of fireworks in the background that were accidentally lit, blowing up the entire room.

But was this real? Or just a wild publicity stunt?

**Update July 4: MrBeast and Kai Cenat confirm fireworks were a stunt**

Update to the article: The fireworks incident involving MrBeast and Kai Cenat on July 3, has been confirmed to be a stunt by the creators themselves. A scale replica of Kai Cenat's stream room was made in the middle of a field, with the the two creators watching the explosions from a safe distance.

"We recreated his room in a field so he could have a firework war and just start launching stuff, and when it inevitably burns down it will prank you guys," said MrBeast.

Kai Cenat's room blows up with fireworks during MrBeast stream

Recently (July 3, 2024), Kai Cenat had popular YouTuber, MrBeast on his live stream. The two celebrity streamers first posted about the event only hours before, building quite a bit of hype in such a short period of time.

I mean, when you put two of the most famous influencers in a room together, you are bound to get views.

The stream was held in Kai Cenat's stream room and featured, what looked to be, upwards of a thousand different firecrackers sitting in the background. What was his reason for having this many firecrackers inside his house? I'm not sure.

At one point, Kai Cenat's friend Davis began to light a small box on fire, hoping to just ignite a few minuscule fireworks. This move resulted in all of the fireworks setting on fire, exploding within the small stream room.

This ultimately halted the stream, leaving people in the dust while wondering what the heck just happened.

So, was it real?

While there is no proof that the stunt was staged, many viewers are finding more and more evidence claiming it was fake.

Many viewers are beginning to point out small details in the room that are different than Kai Cenat's actual stream room. One person tweeted showing how a door was missing that is in Kai Cenat's actual room.

Another viewer noticed how the pillars in the room are a tad bit different than the actual pillars in Kai Cenat's stream room.

So, what does this mean? If people's speculations are correct, it would seem like the two popular influencers built a fake room to stage this entire event. I mean, MrBeast has built wilder prop sets in the past.

More than likely, this is just an elaborate prank. If not, though, I hope everyone involved is unharmed.

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