iShowSpeed was recently assaulted while live streaming in Norway.

Popular live streamer, iShowSpeed, took his community to Norway recently, as he filmed himself exploring the Scandinavian country. What seemed like a fun and innocent trip, though, turned into a nightmare for the streamer, as he was recently attacked while trying to leave his hotel.

The streamer said after that he is never going to Norway again.

iShowSpeed attacked in Norway

iShowSpeed had begun traveling Europe just weeks ago, filming and live-streaming his experience. From doing the Cheese Roll to visiting the Royale Palace, the streamer seemed to be having the trip of a lifetime.

That is until his fans in Norway went berserk.

A recent video posted on Twitter shows the streamer being carried out of his hotel (presumably) as a mob of fans attempt to trample him.

In the video, iShowSpeed can be seen being held up by his posse as many others attempt to grab at him or throw objects at him. At one point, you can even see multiple people standing on top of the streamer's car.

"They f*cking pulled my hair out and threw piss on me," said iShowSpeed on Twitter. "Some random f*cking dude jumped in my car and started tweaking."

The streamer even had some words for his stream after the event.

"I love my Norway fans, but you guys genuinely do not listen at all. I get it; the energy. But you all didn't have no f*cking sense of safety risk."

Luckily, iShowSpeed is okay and came out of this unharmed.

Is it a streamer's responsibility to control their fans?

The big debate is whether or not streamers should be held responsible for their fans acting wild. Just a year ago, Kai Cenat had a flash mob that turned violent. Reported as a riot, the streamer was, at one point, facing various legal charges.

So, is it the streamer's responsibility? In both of these cases, neither celebrity told their fans to start going crazy. There is just a level of hype and energy that comes along with being around these people and their streams in person. Should they be held accountable for their fans' actions? Or is it not their fault?

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