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Twitch to remove Prime Video Watch Party feature

Twitch’s popular Prime Video Watch Party feature is officially leaving the website.

One of Twitch's popular features was the Prime Video Watch Party feature. With gaining popularity over the years, this feature allowed streamers to play different videos on Amazon Prime, creating community watch parties.

Now, with Twitch's many astonishing announcements, the company has decided to officially remove the popular feature.

What was the Prime Video Watch Party feature on Twitch?

Launched back in 2020, this feature became a hit with many streamers and their communities. The ability to sit with your favorite content creator and watch different movies and shows that were available on Amazon Prime was a feature many took for granted.

While Amazon Prime had many different movies that were also available on other streaming services, it also had many exclusives that were only available on Amazon Prime. In fact, many viewers probably could not afford Amazon Prime, so watching shows and movies with streamers was their only way to enjoy specific media.

Sadly, though, Twitch plans to end this feature, ending an era for Twitch streamers.

When will the Prime Video Watch Party feature on Twitch end?

On their website, Twitch announced that the Prime Video Watch Party feature will officially cease to exist on April 2, 2024. This gives streamers less than a month to utilize the feature for one last time.

So does this mean anything bad for Twitch? Well, it could mean a few things. One specfically, is that Amazon is slowly pulling away freatures from Twitch. Back in January, Twitch CEO, Dan Clancy, announced that the company had not been profitable and Amazon was the reason they were able to stay afloat.

So what does this mean for the future of the popular live streaming service? What features will we lose next? Will the Twitch Prime feature be stripped from us? Hopefully not.

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