The new Twitch DJ Program is here to give DJs more opportunities and security while they stream their sets on the platform.

Twitch has its W's and has its L's. While subscription prices may be going up, and while they can't seem to pick a stand on explicit content, there are some things they do right. Such as the new Twitch DJ Program.

On June 6, 2024, Twitch introduced their new DJ Program so that the dreaded DMCA takedowns are no more. They've partnered with all major music labels to harbor a safe and long-term platform for DJs to stream their sets without the fear of a ban.

What is the Twitch DJ Program?

(Image via Twitch/Grandmaster Flash)
(Image via Twitch/Grandmaster Flash)

Per Twitch, the DJ Program is a first-of-its-kind endeavor. They state they are the first major service to provide this kind of program for disc jockeys, and are proud to support DJs and help them expand their communities.

Their blog post states that the number of DJs that stream on the platform has quadrupled since early 2020. Twitch also states that the DJ Program is built upon a foundation where the creators of any licensed music will receive a cut of the profit.

Non-monetized DJ streamers will not be financially impacted. Instead, Twitch intends to set aside monetized earnings to pay out the musicians and companies that represent them. If you're a DJ, you can mix up pre-recorded music from other artists with Twitch's full backing now.

Existing Twitch DJs will be offered a one year subsidy that covers the difference in their revenue and the revenue sent to the music's owners. An important note to follow this is that it only assists those streaming on Twitch as DJ and not any other uses of licensed music.

Partnered labels

The most important aspect of the Twitch DJ Program seems to be the partners involved. Twitch has struck a deal with hundreds of companies, including the following major labels:

  • Universal Music Group
  • Warner Music Group
  • Sony Music Group
  • A large number of independent labels
  • Rights holders represented by Merlin

This opens the door for a wide variety of streamable music as DJ without consequence.

When does the Twitch DJ Program launch?

While the announcement has been made, there is no exit date on when the Twitch DJ Program goes live. They have given a timeframe, however.

You won't have to wait much longer if you're a DJ itching to lay it down on stream. The program is said to start later in the summer of 2024, alongside a new DJ Category on the platform. Until then, there's a rather large FAQ you can read to learn more.

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