A fortnight after signing for Complexity as a co-owner, TimTheTatman has dropped exclusive limited edition merch featuring an array of merchandise.

Hot on the heels of the announcement of his signing with Complexity, TimTheTatman and the storied North American esports organization have revealed a new collaboration: Limited edition merchandise. 

Consisting of a dozen different co-branded pieces, the Complexity & TimTheTatman collection is inspired by the streamer’s love of the Dallas Cowboys. The inspiration is clear to see: Silver helmets, silver stars, and superbowl-style rings for Complexity; on first glance this stuff looks like vintage Dallas Cowboys gear. 

Selling Out... In the Good Way

The merch drop was initially revealed at the TimTheTatman/Complexity launch event on the weekend of September 26th. The event which drew over 1,000 fans to Complexity’s HQ, the GameStop Performance Center, saw the collection sell out. The same thousand fans were able to enjoy an NFL viewing party on Sunday. That party saw Tim’s Cowboys narrowly edge out a win against the Carolina Panthers, 36-28.

Luckily, fans of Complexity and TimTheTatman will now be able to grab the merch from 12pm CST today (October 5th). The collection is only available on Complexity’s online store, and if the response is anything like last weekend, you’ll have to be quick to grab some.

The launch is just another accolade in the rising (silver) star of TimTheTatman. The streamer made the jump to YouTube in September, before announcing his historic signing with Complexity just a few weeks later. That announcement saw the star reveal an exclusive Complexity jersey, and this new merch marks even more apparel for fans of the streamer to pick up.

The merch drop represents another milestone: Taking both Complexity’s and Tim’s brands to the next level. The retro-style football-inspired merch is something unique in both the streaming and esports space. The new TimTheTatman merch will definitely have broader appeal than just fans of the team and gaming personality.