Sykkuno was not easily convinced to switch from Twitch to YouTube but one particular incident led him to feel underappreciated.

One of the biggest streamers on Twitch, Sykkuno made a switch to YouTube - like many other prominent streamers before him. On his debut stream on YouTube yesterday, he disclosed the reasons why he decided to make the massive shift.

The American variety streamer, Sykkuno had a rapid stream growth on Twitch from 2019. He accumulated 4 million followers and streams to a passionate, loyal fanbase. Even though his presence on Twitch is huge, he ended up making a move to YouTube Gaming.

On his first YouTube stream, he talked about his thought process when deciding to choose between the two streaming platforms.

Sykkuno's move is not mainly because of a contract difference

The soft-spoken streamer stated that he never had any fancy contract with Twitch earlier on and that he was just another normal streamer. One day, he had a chance to negotiate with Twitch and the first offer was actually "pretty bad". Sykkuno asked Twitch to notch it up and the 2nd offer was much better and pretty even with YouTube's offer.

"It’s not like Twitch didn’t care at all, their 2nd offer was pretty dead even with YouTube’s offer. I was really happy about it actually."

At that moment, Sykkuno was fixed on streaming on Twitch and not considering a move, even though YouTube's offer was slightly better. However, it came down to Sykkuno's overall feeling about Twitch's treatment of him and one particular incident.

"They can't even spell my name right." - Sykkuno

Ultimately, the reason why he decided to move platforms was that he felt underappreciated and undervalued. "I think Ludwig said it first, he didn't feel ultra valued on Twitch. I was the 28th highest earning Twitch streamer for the past 2 years or whatever right. And then also I checked, I'm the 45th most followed streamer of all time. I don't curse or anything, I don't even react to drama. I'm almost as family-friendly as it gets. But [they] never really included me in much," Sykkuno stated.

To Sykkuno it wasn't that big of a problem, but it was something to ponder. Until the one incident that became the last straw happened. In an official e-mail, Twitch misspelled Sykkuno's name as "Sukkuno" and it led to him feeling unappreciated.

Sykkuno shows how Twitch misspelled his name.
Sykkuno shows how Twitch misspelled his name.

“They couldn’t even spell my name right. The 28th highest earning streamer, the 45th most followed streamer of all time... And they couldn’t even spell my name. I guess, it really sucks when that happens.”

Sykkuno's jump to YouTube is a huge change for the popular streamer. Other prominent figures like Ludwig and Valkyrae have successfully switched platforms from Twitch to YouTube and we can expect Sykkuno's streaming career to keep on flourishing. And as hinted by DisguisedToast recently, more streamers on Twitch will be making the same move.

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