Popular Twitch streamer Sykkuno switches platform to YouTube cover image

Popular Twitch streamer Sykkuno switches platform to YouTube


Another top Twitch streamer makes their move to YouTube. This time around, American variety streamer, Sykkuno signs with the rival platform.

American Twitch streamer, Sykkuno, announced a shocking platform move, switching from Twitch to YouTube. This move marks another transfer from one of the biggest Twitch stars, following in the steps of TimTheTatman, Valkyrae, Ludwig, and MORE.
Just a couple of days ago, Sykkuno had an emotional moment on stream. While on the verge of tears, he thanked his audience and gave words of appreciation. The heartfelt ending to his stream rose a wave of speculations that he was going to switch platforms.
Sykkuno then made his move to YouTube official. He posted a video on his socials, showcasing his growth as a livestreamer and his decision to join his streamer buddy, Valkyrae, and the rest. "I'm gonna do what I've always done," he said. "-just in a new place."
Sykkuno is a massive streamer on Twitch, holding over 4 million followers. He's known for his shy and calm persona, with viewers associating him with an "anime protagonist" vibe. Despite only started streaming in 2019, he quickly blew up. He began with League of Legends and then joined in on the AmongUs hype train alongside top creators like Pokimane, CorpseHusband, and DisguisedToast. He now streams a variety of games including Valorant, Minecraft, and GTA V.
On his YouTube channel, Sykkuno will bring his large audience on a new journey.

Twitch is losing its top creators

As shocking as the news is, the situation is pretty much called for. Ever since YouTube Gaming started to grow its live streaming division, the streaming war between Twitch and YouTube began. When Twitch's huge creator, DrDisrespect was banned on Twitch, he made his move to the red platform. Then, we saw multiple huge creators make their jump to YouTube including Valkyrae, CourageJD, and Ludwig. YouTube is actively racing against Twitch and it is rapidly acquiring the platform's biggest stars.
If it wasn't bad enough, Twitch revealed that it considered a massive change to the revenue split. In a Bloomberg report, it is stated that Twitch wants to take a 70/30 cut from its top creators, instead of the original 50/50 cut. This caused a ton of negative reactions from the community and there were speculations that more Twitch stars are going to move to YouTube.
Sykkuno's move to YouTube might be the first of many other in 2022. In a recent stream, Disguised Toast even revealed that there are at least 5 more people that will make the same move.
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