If you thought it was tough beating Elden Ring, try doing it with just one hand. Or with a dance pad. Or maybe don’t.

Elden Ring is known as one of the hardest games out there thanks to its unforgiving levels and intense boss fights. But MissMikkaa isn't satisfied just playing the game — she has become well-known on Twitch for playing Elden Ring in unconventional ways.

First, MissMikkaa beat Malenia with one hand. Then she beat Malenia with one hand while not leveling up, meaning she took on the tough bad guy while still just level one. This wasn't a large enough challenge for MissMikkaa, who recently decided to beat Malenia while using a dance pad as her controller.

Dance pads are often used for games like Dance Dance Revolution, where players must use their feet to hit corresponding parts of the mat in time to a rhythm. But MissMikkaa attached every input from Elden Ring into the dance pad so she could play the game using just her feet. Then it was time to take on one of the most difficult bosses in Elden Ring.

MissMikkaa defeats Malenia using dance pad

MissMikkaa took the challenge head-on. Well, feet on?

Without using any spirit ashes or summons, MissMikkaa managed to take down Malenia using her dance pad. According to the variety streamer, it took 553 tries and over 15 hours.

Despite the unconventional controller, MissMikkaa could be seen expertly dodging and rolling around the enemy, only using a healing flask four times.

Near the end of the fight, MissMikkaa anxiously said "this has got to be the one" after noticing Malenia's low health bar. When she landed the final blow, MissMikkaa cried out in celebration. She eventually sank to the floor, mentally and physically drained. Not only had she been playing for six hours at that time, but she had done so all while moving around on the dance pad.

Thanks to her impressive Elden Ring challenges, MissMikkaa has been growing on Twitch. She currently has over 88.9K followers. Her growing community is anxiously awaiting to see what she will come up with next.