Should you play video games with the Reality Quest Glove? Eh. Should you watch people speedrun with this weird glove? Definitely.

Remember when Sakurai promised us Joy Cons that were full of ice cubes shaking in a glass for the Nintendo Switch? Or maybe you were surprised to learn that R.O.B. in Super Smash Bros. is actually inspired by an old Nintendo console accessory. A retro video game store has uncovered something even more wild for the Nintendo 64.

It's called a Reality Quest Glove. Made for the N64, this revolutionary controller is worn by velcroing straps on your arm and then placing the hand-shaped controller in your palm. The employee said it was "wonky but really cool for its time."

With only about 10,000 to 50,000 in existence, this strange device is a huge collectors item more than a functional controller worth strapping into. Very few can be found for sale, but there are a few listed on eBay for about $400.

The Reality Quest Glove is cool but does it work?


This N64 controller is eye-catching due to its one-of-a-kind robot looks, but that's also why it was a pretty big fail. During the Nintendo 64 era (an era I know nothing about because I am much too young to have ever played that...), gamers complained that it was much too difficult to use the Reality Quest Glove, which defeats the purpose of a good controller. It was also made only for right handed people.

The Reality Quest Glove could have been a great controller for people with disabilities, since it doesn't take a lot of movement to use. People with limited movement could use this strange glove to move their in-game character with ease. Well, in theory.

It was technically compatible with all N64 games but the awkward button sizes and placements made it a bit frustrating to get used to. Some reviewers have also said the glove is too sensitive to movements. The tiniest movements would send players flying into walls in racing games and you'd suddenly change direction in Super Mario 64.

Still, watching people try out this controller, which was quite novel and innovative for its time, brings back a sense of nostalgia and fascination. So enjoy some other people playing with the Reality Quest Glove so you can save yourself the carpal tunnel.