Streamer beats Elden Ring simultaneously on controller and dance pad cover image

Streamer beats Elden Ring simultaneously on controller and dance pad

MissMikkaa has beaten Elden Ring on two screens simultaneously while playing with a controller and a dance pad.

The North American streamer MissMikkaa set a new level of Elden Ring gameplay on Sunday, Jan. 8 as she completed two simultaneous runs of Elden Ring with one game played on a controller, while the other was played on a dance pad.

Even though Elden Ring presents a huge challenge for everyone by itself, MissMikkaa wanted more and she's challenged herself in many ways with From Software's game. For example, in August 2022, the streamer completed, using only one hand, a Level One Run. This specific mission took her over 75 hours of gameplay.

Not only that, she has been on a 13 days journey to complete the Remembrances Run, which includes completing the game as fast as possible while defeating all bosses that drop a remembrance item. The thing about this marathon is that MissMikkaa did it not with a controller, or a PC setup, but with a dance pad, taking RPG and dancing games to a whole new level.

Two Malenia at the same time

If you have played Elden Ring and faced Malenia, it's probable that you still have nightmares about her. Well, imagine having to beat two of her at the same time on different screens. MissMikkaa completed the task last week. After that, the rest of the run must have been easy — at least for Mikka.

The battle with Malenia is considered one of the hardest challenges in Elden Ring — a difficult game on its own. The From Software's RPGs are known for their challenging level of gameplay. And Malenia was considered by many one of the hardest bosses in all souls-like games.

Considering that most Elden Ring players and fans take Malenia as the hardest boss of the game, taking it down once would be an accomplishment all of its own. No wonder the streamer even got the attention of Elden Ring’s publisher, Bandai Namco.

Now, it seems like she reached the limit of difficulty that one can have with Elden Ring. Still, everyone else thought the same when she beat the game using only the dance pad and she found a way to raise the bar. Now, the community awaits to see how MissMikkaa will surprise everyone again.

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