Snoop Dogg was streaming on Twitch when his viewers realized there was no audio. But his chat couldn’t quite get the message through. They were fairly creative to resolve it though.

Snoop Dogg just wanted to vibe and play Madden 21 but no one could hear... well anything

Rapper Snoop Dogg has been occasionally streaming on Twitch for a few years now. And while the sessions haven't always gone as planned, this time around the stream was unwatchable. Well technically you could watch it, you just couldn't hear anything.

Chat got creative with trying to inform him
Chat got creative with trying to inform him

Yesterday's stream saw Snoop Dogg go live as he normally does to play his favorite game Madden 21, when his chat noticed there was no audio. No game audio, no microphone audio, nothing.

Now as a fairly common issue for Twitch streamers, this usually gets resolved with a few quick messages from chat. Well, here's where the plot thickens. Either Snoop Dogg himself or his moderators had started stream in emote-only mode.

As Twitch viewers we know that chatters seem their most endearing when they can only communicate in emotes. It's one of the rare times when toxicity is (almost) impossible. So when over the course of the next hour the chat tried desperately to let the legendary rapper know that there was no sound, it was kind of hilarious and adorable. Microphone and music notes were spammed in chat alongside the bright red Nay emote in the hopes Snoop Dogg or his team would notice.

Suffice it to say, the stream continued for over an hour with no changes to the audio. The stream ended and his fans now have a fun story to add to their collections of funny Snoop Dogg streams. For reference, past streams have included rage quitting Madden so abruptly that he walked away from his desk without actually ending stream. This resulted in a roughly 8 hour stream with no Doggfather in sight. Although he did finally show up to turn it off.

Live streaming fumbles or not, Snoop Dogg is a now a beloved figure in the Twitch scene and as viewers we're all lucky to have him. If anything he deserves kudos for stepping out of his comfort zone and trying something new that, afterall, isn't easy.