The power of EA Sports Madden NFL Football knows no bounds as they host a $10,000 event for Madden 2021 with six retired NFL players.

The Gridiron Bowl, a Madden NFL 21 tournament featuring retired NFL players kicks off this weekend. Madden players will have a chance to play with former NFL pros in the Main Event on June 26th.

Gridiron Bowl Details

While there is already an existing league with the Madden Ultimate Team mode, this weekend Gridiron Gaming jumps in with retired NFL players for the Gridiron Bowl.

Gridiron Gaming is powered by the Pro Football Retired Players Association (PFRPA), and the tournament will be a 3 vs 3 format.  Retired NFL players will team up with pro-Madden players and players from the community in teams of 3.  They will be playing for a $10,000 prize pool in the main event in a few weeks on June 26th.

It's great to have Gridiron Gaming host the Gridiron Bowl, our first official Madden tournament. Bringing retired NFL players and gamers together for this event helps bridge the gap between traditional and this fairly new age of competitive sports.

Jack Youngblood Pro Football Hall of Famer and PRFPA Board Member

Gridiron Bowl Format and Players

This weekend is the Community Qualifier to see who will get a chance to play in the main event with an open bracket.  The Top 32 players from this weekend will move on to compete in a Double Elimination bracket, of which the top 6 players will get into the main event on June 26th. 

The main event will have show matches paired up with retired NFL players.  The roster includes:

Registration is open for the Community Qualifier on Gridiron Gaming’s Battlefy page, and the tournament will be broadcasted on Twitch.

This looks like a great opportunity to partner with former NFL pros, so don’t miss the event!