Ninja is jumping out of the Battle Bus and landing in the corporate world. Here’s what the streamer has in store with GameSquare.

Tyler "Ninja" Blevins has just been announced as the chief innovation officer of GameSquare.

Ninja is considered the OG of streamers. The Fortnite legend made streaming mainstream, with his Super Bowl commercial appearances, New Years Eve flossing (oof) in Times Square, and identifiable blue hair and yellow bandana. Even grandparents started to know what Fortnite was. Sort of.

His career took off when he started streaming shooters on Twitch, but he has expanded his business model since then. He appeared on late night talk shows, reality shows, and in movies. Now, Ninja has become the chief innovation officer of GameSquare.

"You've seen me grow up online a regular guy streaming on the internet to becoming a freakin' world wide star. One day, I'm just living my life, growing my audience, playing video games. The next thing I know? Bam! I'm streaming with Drake, winning Streamer of the Year awards, gracing the front cover of ESPN, and and featured in Forbes. Absolutely insane," Ninja said.

Ninja talks Ninja Labs, future projects with GameSquare

Throughout his career, Ninja has never lost passion for the streaming space and is wanting to give back to up-and-coming streamers. The next step is the corporate world, Ninja said.

"I have some great things in store. It's gonna be epic," Ninja added.

According to an official blog post on the update, Blevins is launching Ninja Labs, a GameSquare incubator to ideate and develop "first-of-its-kind concepts and products" that are aimed at youth culture. Ninja added that he wants to "built the next big thing in gaming."

He said: "I’m looking forward to partnering with GameSquare creators, brands, agencies, players, and most importantly fans to pursue some exciting new projects with Ninja Labs.”

GameSquare will be supporting Ninja Labs with merchandising, marketing, and content creation resources. In return, Ninja Labs will serve as an "innovation pipeline" for the research and development of consumer products and original IPs that connect with young gamers.

“Innovation and success often depend on big, bold moves. When it comes to gaming, Ninja is a reflection of that approach,” said Jerry Jones, Dallas Cowboys owner and GameSquare major shareholder. “Ninja’s commitment to creativity and vision for Ninja Labs will directly support new revenue opportunities for GameSquare and impact their continued rise as one of the most successful gaming and entertainment organizations in the world. We’re thrilled to be part of it.”