He remains 30 million clear of friendly rival channel T-Series!

Jimmy "MrBeast" Donaldson celebrated another milestone today, announcing that his main YouTube channel surpassed 300 million subscribers. Reflecting on his career, MrBeast recalled "freaking out" when he reached 300 subscribers. 11 years and 299,999,700 subscribers later, MrBeast remains the proverbial King of YouTube, amassing tens to hundreds of millions of views with each carefully crafted and intricate video.

MrBeast surpasses 300 million YouTube subscribers

The popular YouTuber celebrated this milestone on X with a post that has received over 5 million views. An image accompanied the message, pulled directly from MrBeast's own "View Stats" website, which allows YouTubers to see their advanced statistics.

MrBeast's main channel is the most-subscribed channel on YouTube, and it's not particularly close. He remains over 30 million ahead of friendly rivals T-Series after passing them last month. It would take quite an effort from any channel beneath T-Series, considering that none have even broken the 200 million subscriber mark.

Most-subscribed YouTube channels via ViewStats.com
Most-subscribed YouTube channels via ViewStats.com

YouTube's official X account paid subtle tribute to MrBeast, writing, "Tag a creator with 300 million subscribers." Naturally, MrBeast jumped into the replies, tagging himself in a response.

What is MrBeast's next video?

Before 300 million subscribers, MrBeast revealed his next video will feature 50 well-known content creators, including Kai Cenat, Logan Paul, Bella Poarch, Jidion, KSI, Sketch, IShowSpeed, Pokimane, and many more. Those involved will compete in various challenges to win $1 million for their subscribers.

The video goes live on Saturday, July 13. Overall, MrBeast has amassed more than 446 million subscribers across all his active YouTube channels, and there's no question that this is just another accomplishment of many to come. It's only a matter of time before 300 million becomes 400 million, and then 1 billion will become a legitimate possibility.

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