Is MrBeast’s new website a game-changer for YouTube creators?

Another day of MrBeast pleasing the world of YouTubers. The popular creator announced via Twitter that he had launched a brand new website called Viewstats. The site allows people to view the stats for any YouTube Video or channel, helping creators improve their craft.

So is MrBeast's newest website, Viewstats, a door opening for a whole new world of content? Or do we already have enough YouTube stats sites out there?

MrBeast launces Viewstats website

Viewstats was created to help other creators better understand how to grow their craft. The site allows anyone to search up a video or channel and view the stats, including views, subs and any other advanced data.

"I believe knowledge is power and I want to help creators of all sizes improve their YouTube performance," said MrBeast on YouTube.

Viewstats also has a plugin for browsers that people can use. When active it will automatically show the stats for every video you watch on YouTube.

Pretty cool, right? But does this stand out from other apps out there such as TubeBuddy?

Does MrBeast's new site stand out from others?

The simple answer: no, Viewstats does not stand out from other sites. There are many YouTube analytic platforms out there, all of which also have a plugin for browsers.

MrBeast's site, though, does have his name revolving around it. Many of these other sites have been undiscovered by other YouTubers. With MrBeast releasing a website like Viewstats, many will learn how to study other channels' analytics.

If the popular YouTuber's name was not attached to the new website, I would say it would be tough for it to stand out amongst others.

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