The OfflineTv streamer reveals her move to YouTube’s platform in a simple, cute video featuring her pet Pomeranians Temmie and DaVinky.

Lily 'Lily Ki' Pichu has just revealed a new change in her streaming career following the end of her contract with Twitch -signing a deal with YouTube. This marks a new era for the streamer, as she will exclusively stream on YouTube after 10 years of a career under the Twitch banner.

Lily Pichu (and Temmie) makes a big decision

On July 8th, LilyPichu uploaded the announcement video on her YouTube channel, titled ‘my big decision’.

In the video, the streamer appears to be in a dilemma, choosing between two buttons of different colours; red and purple. The buttons represent the two brands that LilyPichu has considered as her streaming platform; red for YouTube and purple for Twitch. She eventually lets Temmie make the decision for her, setting aside dog treats in a purple bowl and a blazing red cake with the YouTube logo on it -which the Pomeranian chose.

This is a recurring trend in other streamers' announcement videos, where they choose between objects of those colors to signify their decision. 

In Lily’s tweet announcing the news, Twitch’s official Twitter account replied with a short and sweet comment, thanking her for ‘ sharing so many memories ’ with them.

LilyPichu’s ten-year anniversary of streaming on Twitch

Just a week before the announcement, Lily celebrated her ten years of streaming. She uploaded a YouTube video with snippets of her streams over the years. She even spent a few hours live on her channel playing League of Legends with some ‘OG streamers’ of the game.

From being one of the oldest streamers of LoL to being a known figure in the now-booming streaming industry, she has experienced it all. From gaming, making art, making music, and even voice-acting, she has curated content that is uniquely hers.

To a lot of people, LilyPichu has always been a constant presence throughout the evolution of Twitch. To some, her channel has been their home for years. Thus, the announcement came as a bit of surprise to some viewers, with many questioning why Twitch had let a long-time creator go. 

LilyPichu joins the line of creators who moved from Twitch to YouTube

However, after witnessing Twitch streamers moving to YouTube during the past few years, LilyPichu’s transition is inevitable. Here are some of the top Twitch streamers who made the jump to YouTube:

  • CouRageJD
  • Valkyrae
  • DrDisrespect
  • DrLupo
  • TimTheTatman
  • Ludwig
  • Sykkuno

There are plenty of valid reasons given as to why they chose YouTube over Twitch. But at the end of the day, it is pretty clear that YouTube has offered these streamers a much better deal for the future of their career.