Kkatamina has topped Amouranth as the best female streamer on Twitch for November 2021. She also set a new sub record.

According to new statistics published by Streams Charts, Miyoung Kim, AKA, ‘Kkatamina’, was the most watched streamer on Twitch in November. Kkatamina surpassed Amouranth, who was #1 in both September and October.

This is a new record for the platform. Kkatamina is still rising in popularity - In October of this year she received 164k hours of watch time and that figure has risen substantially by a staggering 4.8 MILLION hours watched by her 453 thousand followers. (Accurate as of 11th of December 2021)

Kkatamina was the most watched female streamer of November 2021 according to <a href="https://streamscharts.com/news/twitch-results-november-2021" target="_blank" rel="noreferrer noopener">Streams Charts</a>
Kkatamina was the most watched female streamer of November 2021 according to Streams Charts

Who is Kkatamina?

Kkatamina began streaming in May 2020 when she was encouraged by her friend and well known Youtuber Disguised Toast. Limited with only basic equipment, she gained fans through her upbeat personality in a Minecraft series starring Ludwig, Valkyrae and Sykkuno. Having such supportive friends alongside her engaging personality allowed Kkatamina to thrive and gain such a fantastic following.

KKatamina's growth over the last year (Image courtesy of Streams Charts)
KKatamina's growth over the last year (Image courtesy of Streams Charts)

 You can find Kkatamina participating mainly in League, Fall Guys and the Just Chatting category on Twitch. Mario Party, Dark Souls II and a variety of other engaging games are played on her channel, both solo and with friends.

Kkatamina's two week subathon a huge success

In November, KKatamina went on a non-stop subathon for 2 weeks, after which she set a new record for subscribers to a female streamer. According to Streams Charts, the rising streamer exceeded 73,600 subscribers.

Kkatamina's Twitch subathon stats (<a href="https://streamscharts.com/news/kkataminas-subathon" target="_blank" rel="noreferrer noopener nofollow">Streams Charts</a>)
Kkatamina's Twitch subathon stats (Streams Charts)

During the subathon stream, Kkatamina shared that before streaming that she worked in a medical facility in the US. She started streaming in May 2020, and by December she had an average of 1-2 thousand viewers at any given time.

The young streamer is a long time friend of the OfflineTV group, in particular AriaSaki. Kkatamina was an active player that stood out in BaboAbe's FTB Minecraft server where she was renowned for her eccentric behaviour that shocked and delighted viewers. She had many amusing interactions with Toast, Sykkuno and Aria that make her stand out to viewers.

Kkatamina’s brand name across all of her social media platforms originates from her League of Legends name, ‘Katana’, mixed with her real name of Mina. You can find her on Twitch.

Amouranth falls to #2 in November

Amouranth, who held the lead for most subscribers as a female streamer since March 2021, now stands at second place with 3.38 million hours watched. That said, Amouranth was the most successful female streamer of Q3.

Given Kkatamina's huge surge in viewership was the result of a subathon, it will be hard for her to maintain those numbers, but time will tell. Amouranth streamed for a total of 372 hours in November, compared KKatamina's 371 hours. However, the average watch time of the #1 streamer in November was significantly higher.

A comparison between the top 5 female streamers in November and October 2021:

Top Female Twitch streamers (November 2021)

1. Kkatamina
2. Amouranth
3. Saddummy
4. Pokimane
5. Botezlive

Top Female Twitch streamers (October 2021)

1. Amouranth
2. Pokimane
3. Saddummy
4. LakshartNia
5. 39daph

You can check more Twitch stats for November over on Streams Charts, who posted regular articles crunching the data of the #1 streaming platform.