According to statistics by StreamCharts only 5 women featured in the the top 100 English speaking Twitch streams for Q3, with Amouranth being the leader.

It’s not uncommon to hear the cry of Twitch chat and Reddit that women are “getting all the big views” on Twitch. However, according to statistics released by StreamsCharts for Q3 of 2021, that couldn’t be further from the truth at least for English-speaking female Twitch streamers.

Out of the top 100 English-speaking Streamers based on hours watched, only five were women. The period tracked was July to September 2021, with Just Chatting’s Amouranth the most viewed woman by quite a margin.

Most viewed female streamers in the top 100 based on hours watched. Statistics from StreamsCharts

It important to note this is just for English speaking female streamers, and doesn’t include the likes of South Korean streamer Saddummy or Spanish streamer Biyin_, both of which are massive figures on the platform.

Who were the top 5 female Twitch streamers of Q3?

Amouranth‘s stream came in at over 12 million hours watched. Interestingly, although Amouranth is #1 for English-speaking female Twitch streamers, she is 2 million short of breaking into the top 10 overall. (xQc tops the charts with 48.8 million) Amouranth has garnered quite a reputation on Twitch, often pushing the boundaries and starting new trends.

Kydae has been one of the biggest breakout female Twitch streamers of 2021

In second place is 20-year old VALORANT streamer Kyedae, whose stream has grown dramatically over the course of 2021. Kyedae’s stream is less then a year old but in September 2021 averaged 33,515 viewers for just 69 hours streamed, with her watch party of the VCT Berlin Masters playing a significant role. Kyedae was picked up by 100 Thieves as a content creator in April 2021.

“I feel like there’s still not a lot of female content creators,” said Kyedae when she originally joined 100 Thieves. “I would say the ratio is still quite astronomical. I Just want females to feel a lot safer in the gaming community, that’s my number one thing, to make them comfortable. I’m pretty comfortable with myself, but for those who aren’t… I’m here.”

“I would say the ratio is still quite astronomical. I Just want females to feel a lot safer in the gaming community, that’s my number one thing, to make them comfortable.”

Kyedae on joining 100 Thieves in april 2021

The third most watched female streamer of Q3 was veteran Jinnytty who typically streams 6 days a week. Jinnytty is known for Just Chatting and IRL streams, and recently travelled to Europe and Canada documenting the whole journey on her stream. In Q3, Jinnytty streamed 681 hours, with 4.23 million hours watched by her viewers.

The other two female streamers to make the top five were variety streamer Pokimane and content creator 39Daph. 39Daph was recently picked up by Sentinels as their first creator in August 2021, with the organisation saying they believed it would take their content creation to the next level.

Top Male Streamers for Q3 – xQc continues to lead the charge

In terms of male English-speaking streamers, xQc still reigns supreme, amassing 48.87 million hours watched, more than double Asmongold in 2nd place. That said Asmongold streamed significant less, with just 326 hours on-air, the lowest of any streamer in the top 10.

Although well-known for World of Warcraft, Asmongold has switched to streaming Final Fantasy XIV following the Blizzard controversy, and seen great success. Another new face to the top 10 is TrainwrecksTV who streamed almost exclusively Slots.

You can check out the full report on the Most Popular English-speaking streamers over on StreamsCharts.

One word of warning is that although StreamsCharts did go into game trends differences between male and female streamers, given the data pool for women is made up of just five female streamers, the results should not be taken at face value.


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