xQc is still the most prolific streamer on Twitch, and the numbers confirm it. We round up the biggest esports orgs on the platform for June 2021.

Most esports organisations have a few streamers on the books, and for good reason. A solid regular streamer can attract huge viewership. Streamcharts keeps tabs on viewership figures, and we're here to run down which orgs are making the biggest impact on Twitch. Once again, xQc's viewership remains monstrous. These stats come just 2 months after Twitch announced it had broken its own record.

The three biggest esports team communities on Twitch remain Luminosity Gaming, TSM and NRG. Team Luminosity remain in 1st place despite a significant drop off in hours watched this month, 29.4 million in June compared to 47.3 million in May.

Most popular streaming communities on Twitch in June 2021 - Stats from <a href="https://streamscharts.com/news/top-twitch-esports-communities-june-2021" target="_blank" rel="noreferrer noopener nofollow">StreamCharts.com</a>
Most popular streaming communities on Twitch in June 2021 - Stats from StreamCharts.com

1. Luminosity Gaming still #1 thanks to xQc

LG's xQc streamed 300 hours in June
LG's xQc streamed 300 hours in June

Team Luminosity's biggest streamer is Felix "xQc" Lengel, accounting for around 70% of their total viewership for June. However, given xQc's grind it is rather unsurprising.

In June alone, xQc streamed 300 hours, an average of 10 hours a day. Twitch users watched xQc for 21.7 million hours live, with 18 million of those hours coming from his Grand Theft Auto V streams. In June, xQc streamed every single day. The shortest stream was 40 mins while the longest was 19 hours.

Luminosity Gaming's charismatic Spanish streamer Elded was their 2nd most popular streamer, followed by Apex Legends killing machine ShivFPS. Fortnite streamer Nickeh30 - who we interviewed recently - was 4th.

2. NRG moves up to second place thanks to Apex team and SodaPoppin

The competition for 2nd place between TSM and NRG was tight in May, but for June NRG finished in 2nd with 20.9 million hours watched. The distribution of viewership between the NRG Esports crew is more even, but World of Warcraft streamer Sodapoppin remains their biggest star. In June Sodapoppin streamed for 266 hours with 5.8 millions hours watched, an increase of 34% from May.

Aside from Sodapoppin, the NRG Esports Apex Legends division played a big part. Apex streamer Brandon "AceU Winn had a very successful June, streaming "just" 153 hours but amassing 1.8 million hours watched, gaining new 88,000 followers in the process. Meanwhile, the NRG's Apex squad member Chris "sweetdreams" Sexton streamed like a madman after the ALGS NA Championships wrapped up.

3. Stable streamer base for TSM and a massive month for ops1x

Despite dropping to third for June, TSM.FTX's spread across multiple games is the best out of the top 3 orgs. Their top 8 streamers all specialise in a different title. Their 5 biggest streamers for June 2021 were ImperialHal for Apex Legends, DoubleLift for League of Legends, Hikaru for Chess, ops1x for Fortnite and Pokelawls for Escape from Tarkov.

All top five TSM streams combined resulted in 6.1 million hours watched. This represents just 36% of the organisation's total 17.9 million, demonstrating how the org is not reliant on a single streamer.

That said ops1x put in quite a shift in June, streaming a staggering 434 hours (an average of 14 hours a day). Ops1x's insane grind saw his follower count grow by over 30% in a single month as he welcomed 364,000 new followers. The Fortnite streamer hit 1 million followers on June 20th.

We'll be sure to give you an update next month. For now xQc remains the king of Twitch.