Kai Cenat trolled by fan in a live police car chase cover image

Kai Cenat trolled by fan in a live police car chase

“Pull up bro!”

Kai Cenat just can't escape hilarious shenanigans. The 22-year-old internet star was live-streaming a live police car chase in Los Angeles. The news televised a stolen car pursuit from an aerial view. As he watched the police car chase, Kai Cenat then found out that the suspect was a fan of his and was watching his ongoing live stream.

The supposed driver of the stolen car went live on his Instagram which has "br0keasl" as a username. The livestream had more than 800 concurrent viewers when Kai Cenat joined. The IG live showed a hazy, dark atmosphere in a moving car. The person talking in the livestream can't be seen but he spoke to Kai Cenat, saying he's in the car and he won't be caught.

Kai Cenat realized the graveness of the situation and began panicking. He screamed "Pull up bro!" multiple times but the person in the Instagram live stated, "I ain't doing sh*t you tell me to do bro, I know my route gang."

The driver is likely just a troll

The chat and comments blew up as the incident unfolded. Many were thrilled to see such a bizarre phenomenon. But soon after this story viraled online, internet detectives put on their hats and digged for more information. Ultimately, the driver may just be a troll. Internet detectives pointed out that the livestream was still ongoing when the police officers have caught the suspect on live news.

Kai Cenat is popular for his comedic content and pranks that he often livestream to his 9 million followers on Twitch. It is not surprising to see his fans get back to him. And it seems in Kai Cenat's dimension, there are always odd things happening. Only recently, Kai Cenat is entangled in a beef against the popular rapper, Kanye West because he made fun of Kanye's clothes.

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