Kanye West has got a bone to pick with Kai Cenat and the internet finds it hilarious cover image

Kanye West has got a bone to pick with Kai Cenat and the internet finds it hilarious

In a hilarious turn of events that wasn’t on anyone’s bingo card for 2024, Kanye West is beefing with Twitch Streamer Kai Cenat and the internet is here for it.

Kanye West is no stranger to controversy, but his latest move has the internet in splits. His latest internet-breaking move is to pick a feud with popular Twitch streamer Kai Cenat. Why, you ask? It's because the streamer made fun of Kanye's clothes.

We've seen Kanye pick weirder fights before, but this one with Kai Cenat has garnered plenty of attention so far, with Kanye's manager also getting involved in the beef. Kai Cenat is no stranger to controversy himself and is only happy to stoke these flames.

Why is Kanye West beefing with Kai Cenat?

Kai Cenat mocked Kanye's choice of clothing in his recent public appearances. To be fair to him, Kanye's attire has been the subject of a lot of memes on the internet lately. But it appears, one of the most popular Twitch streamers with nearly 10 million followers mocking his attire to a live audience didn't sit right with Kanye.

So, he dropped a message to Kai Cenat to stop making jokes about his clothes. However, in typical Kanye fashion, he added some digs about Adidas and Kai's reaction to Kanye's Vultures verse when the song released in February.

Kai had a conversation with Kanye's manager about it

The funniest thing about this whole situation is that it escalated to a point where Kanye's manager had a phone call with Kai, which he streamed live to his audience. And the phone call went about as well as you'd expect, with Kanye's manager coming across as an adult professional struggling to communicate with a Gen-Z streamer. His reaction to Kai telling him he was born in 2001 is hysterical.

The whole situation was a bizarre escalation of events between Kanye West and Kai Cenat, who are both recognized as controversial figures on the internet, only from different generations. What started out as a routine joke for his audience on Twitch escalated into a short-lived conflict with a celebrity for Kai, who recently won the Streamer of the Year award at the 2024 Streamer Awards.

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