“If you don’t support Sketch anymore, don’t support me as well.”

Jynxzi, FaZe Banks and other creators have officially reacted to the Sketch drama, which surfaced online earlier today.

If you follow the streaming world, you probably heard the news that Sketch, the popular creator and streamer, had an LGBTQ+ OnlyFans account around two years ago. Videos recently surfaced from the account, causing a bit of backlash and harsh reactions online. Friends, though, such as Jynxzi and FaZe Banks, made sure to have Sketch's back during such turmoil.

Jynxzi, who has collaborated multiple times with Sketch, was even seen breaking down over the situation on his livestream.

Jynxzi breaks down while discussing Sketch OnlyFans allegations

Sketch had come forward earlier today, admitting that his OnlyFans from a few years ago was, in fact, real. The creator began to speak on how he suffered from addiction in the past, bringing him to make decisions that he regrets now.

Jynxzi, one of Sketch's close friends, had some words to say about the situation and how people were treating Sketch online.

"Maybe don't hurt him, because he didn't hurt anybody," said Jynxzi on a recent livestream while beginning to break down. "If you don't support Sketch anymore, don't support me as well."

Jynxzi's reaction was a follow-up to reading the texts posted from the night before between FaZe Banks and Sketch. Jynxzi's reaction is a reminder to all of us what a true friend truly is.

FaZe Banks posts texts between him and Sketch

The CEO of FaZe Clan, FaZe Banks, also had some words on the situation that arose with Sketch. Banks, with Sketch's approval, posted the texts between them after the allegations had surfaced.

Banks was seen reassuring Sketch that the boys in FaZe had his back, no matter what.

"Sketch was my homie yesterday, he's my homie today and he'll be my homie tomorrow," said Banks on Twitter.

Sketch even admitted that Bank's texts to him, which told him to come back to the FaZe house so they could talk, might have literally saved his life.

"If I was alone at my house, I probably wouldn't be talking to you right now," Sketch said on his livestream when talking about Banks reaching out to him.

Another reminder that simply just being a kind person to someone can go a long way.

Other creators open up

While FaZe Banks and Jynxzi's reactions seemed to be the most popular today, other creators also made sure to have Sketch's back. Streamer and creator, Duke Dennis, made sure to call out everyone who decided to turn against Sketch after hearing the allegations.

"Whatever his sexual preference is, that don't take away the fact that he's a great f*ckin' guy," said Dennis on Twitter. "If you stop being his friend because of that then you're weird."

Even streamers like Lacy had to get a word in.

"All the hate he's getting. People telling him to do things. People saying all this nasty sh*t," said Lacy on his stream today. "And he comes on stream and he f*cking stands on business and owns up to his past."

While it hurt to see many fans turn their back on Sketch for his past, it was refreshing to see so many creators and friends of his stand aside him today.

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