“I’m a changed person.”

Popular Twitch streamer Kylie "Sketch" Cox has confirmed the allegations that an OnlyFans account brought to light early on July 8 is indeed his. In a brief Twitch stream, Sketch said that he was in a dark place two years ago, struggling with substance abuse. He apologized to all his fans and supporters, stating he is a different person now. The broadcast ended after only 9 minutes, but Sketch admitted he felt a huge weight lift off his shoulder.

Sketch elaborates on the OnlyFans account allegations

The leaked graphic content from Sketch and his OnlyFans account circled social media the entire day. Many fans and fellow collaborators rallied behind the popular creator behind the viral "What's up, brother?" catchphrase. However, Sketch went dark on all platforms and many grew increasingly concerns.

Amid the chaos and uncertainty, FaZe Clan CEO Ricky "Banks" Bengston provided an update directly from Sketch. "I'm sorry bro, I'd [sic] didn't mean to involve y'all," wrote Sketch in one of the text messages. Banks reinstilled his support for the popular Twitch creator, convincing him to rendezvous and discuss the situation.

Sketch of the Union Twitch stream

Sketch went live on Twitch just before 5 p.m. ET to clear the air and address the allegations head-on. Over 70,000 viewers tuned in within the first three minutes of his stream, and that viewership number quickly climbed to 100,000 as Sketch began discussing the allegations. He opened up with his usual humor before admitting he "did some stuff."

"That was me. That's okay, though," he said in reaction to the information that has made its rounds across social media. "Two years ago, I did some stuff. I'm sorry if you've seen some of the stuff. You know, I'm a changed person." Sketch thanked his supporters for sticking by him, saying he understands if people are mad.

"I was dealing with some addiction problems—a couple of them, but no excuse there," he continued. "I f***** up, and I won't do it again. That was a dark time, a rough time." Sketch went on to clarify that he has lived under the threat of these allegations coming to light for two years. He feels a weight has been lifted off his shoulder.

Before ending the stream, Sketch admitted that "Plan A" was to "call it quits" if these allegations ever came out. However, thanks to FaZe Banks, his parents, and supporters, he has come to terms with his past and is not that person anymore.

Fellow creators flood X with support for Sketch

The response from fellow popular streamers has been positive, with YouTube creator Ludwig posting, "sketch the goat." Many others appreciate Sketch being genuine amid the allegations. Kick streamer Tfue posted a picture alongside Sketch with a caption reading, "Gay or not he's still my dawg."

Sketch said he plans to resume streaming on Wednesday and be live more often.

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