Popular streamer and content creator, iShowSpeed, met up with former footballer, Zlatan Ibrahimović.

It seems like every day, the streaming community is collaborating with more and more celebrities and athletes. Recently, iShowSpeed met up with Zlatan Ibrahimović, the former Swedish professional footballer.

iShowSpeed, who has been actively touring Europe over the past month, has been an avid football fan for years now, making this quite the meetup for him.

iShowSpeed and Zlatan: The two meet up in Italy

Both the creator and the former athlete met earlier today (July 9, 2024) in Milan, Italy, where various humorous exchanges were thrown back and forth between the two.

Speed met up with Zlatan at the AC Milan football club, where the two began their adventurous day together.

The two hung out at the club building, where Speed attempted to showcase his football skills. Zlatan, though, did not seem impressed.

In the video above, you can see Speed attempting to maneuver the ball around Zlatan, who was able to knock Speed down with almost no force. I guess that's what happens when you try to compete against someone who played the sport for a living.

Still, the rest of the stream was met with various funny moments, as the two drove around Italy together.

Speed and Zlatan live stream driving around Italy

Sitting in the back of a car, the two drove around Milan, Italy. If you have ever watched iShowSpeed, you would know that the creator is quite the character. Even being around a professional athlete, Speed did not suppress any of his energy.

The entire set of interactions between the two has already circulated across social media, as many people found the meetup to be extremely amusing and positive.

Who is iShowSpeed?

With over 2 million YouTube subscribers, iShowSpeed is one of the biggest names in the content creator world. From touring the world to creating fun and engaging content within the confines of his home, Speed has become a staple within the content creation community.

After finding success within the gaming world, Speed quickly grew his platform to something bigger, allowing him to travel the world and stream IRL quite frequently.

The popular streamer and creator has shown no signs of his growth slowing and is constantly looking for new ways to improve his content.

Who is Zlatan?

Zlatan Ibrahimović is a famous Swedish professional footballer, who played professionally from 1999 to 2003. Reaching 6'5, the athlete finished his career as a Striker for AC Milan.

At only 42 years old, the former athlete is still widely popular within the football community, making him a huge name for iShowSpeed to meet up with.

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