GameSquare and YouTube Gaming present TimTheTatman’s Tailgate cover image

GameSquare and YouTube Gaming present TimTheTatman’s Tailgate

TimTheTatman is holding a huge tailgate party in association with GameSquare and YouTube Gaming, bringing a unique gaming festival to life

Timothy “TimTheTatman” Betar is a massive Dallas Cowboys fan, so it’s no surprise he wants to throw his own Tailgate. That’s why GameSquare has partnered with YouTube Gaming to present TimTheTatman’s Tailgate, a two-day festival combining gaming, sports, music, and pop culture into the ultimate tailgate experience.

Taking place at the Ford Center at The Star, in Frisco, Texas, on July 16th-17th, TimTheTatman’s Tailgate will be like no pre-game party you’ve ever seen.

Don’t expect people cooking bbq out the back of their trucks. Instead expect musical performances from top country artists including a headlining performance from Kane Brown and EDM artists, meet-and-greets with TimTheTatman, a $25,000 car show, classic yard games, and more.

A partnership between GameSquare and YouTube Gaming

(Image via GameSquare)
(Image via GameSquare)

The event marks the start of a new partnership with GameSquare and YouTube Gaming. GameSquare, an international esports and gaming company, with a portfolio that includes Code Red Esports, Fourth Frame, Cut + Sew, Zoned Gaming and GCN. Now the company is moving into the events market by producing TimTheTatman’s Tailgate.

Justin Kenna, CEO of GameSquare Esports
Justin Kenna, CEO of GameSquare Esports

Justin Kenna, CEO of GameSquare Esports explained how excited the company were to take part in organizing this unique event. “Tim is one of YouTube Gaming’s biggest stars and a highly sought-after talent in the industry. Our partnership with YouTube Gaming will create even more touchpoints and engaging content for the tatmanarmy, as well as help showcase the influence creator-led events like TimTheTatman’s Tailgate can have at the intersection of sports, gaming, and pop culture.”

(Image via GameSquare)
(Image via GameSquare)

But this isn’t just a few party games and some music, there’s some real gaming going on. TimTheTatman’s Tailgate will also feature TimTheTatman’s Hoedown $100,000 Zero Build Tournament featuring Fortnite. This no-build Fortnite tournament will have its finals on Sunday, 17th of July.

Following this huge event, YouTube Gaming will livestream the $15,000 Tim Pong finals on TimTheTatman’s official YouTube channel.

TimTheTatman’s Tailgate details 

TimTheTatman’s Tailgate takes place at the Ford Center, on Saturday July 16th, and Sunday July 17th. Tickets are on sale now from the official website. There are also exclusive hotel rates for accommodation around Frisco. Tickets are for both days, and are non-refundable.

Golden Ticket holders will be able to take part in a Meet and Greet with TimTheTatman. Tickets come in Bronze, Silver, and Gold class. You can also watch highlights of the event live on TimTheTatman's YouTube channel.