TimTheTatman announces a $100,000 USD in-person Fortnite tournament cover image

TimTheTatman announces a $100,000 USD in-person Fortnite tournament

TimTheTatman has unveiled a new in-person tournament for Fortnite with an incredible prize pool.

Since the beginning of the "Fortnite: Zero Build" game mode, various streamers have announced their own large Fortnite tournaments. But YouTube creator, TimTheTatman, has decided to up the level a bit, by announcing his official $100,000 USD Fortnite: Zero Build tournament that is to be held in person.

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Join the "Hoedown" for Timthetatman's $100,000 Fortnite: Zero Build

With the recent $100,000 Zero Build tournaments hosted by both Ludwig and Dr. Disrespect, it is time for the legend himself, TimTheTatman, to get his own tournament. The in-person LAN tournament is set to take place during the streamer's large tailgate event titled, "TimTheTatman's Tailgate".

The event is a two-day event spanning over the dates of July 16 and 17. Fans who have purchased tickets will be able to attend the event, which is set to be held in Frisco, Texas.

The entire party takes place where the Dallas Cowboys practice. Tim, being a huge NFL fan, secured this venue to show his love of football to his fans.

The Fortnite LAN event can be signed up for at the tailgate's website.

In addition to the Fortnite tournament, people will also be able to participate in a $25,000 car show, and a $15,000 ping pong tournament.

The entire field will also be filled with fun yard games and interactive arcade fans. Fans and streamers alike can mingle while having an amusing time.

Why is this exciting for the future of LANs?

The future is bright for the esports world. After coming off a weekend of various in-person gaming events held at DreamHack Dallas, this refreshing announcement should be a vision of hope for gamers.

Not only are we able to see LAN events come back, but we are seeing them come back in various fashions. There are not just large competitive esports tournaments being held now, but also fun community events such as these.

As more and more streamers announce partnered tournaments with different games, we should expect to see more tournaments such as this pop-up.