FIFA streamer Castro announces that his mother has beaten cancer cover image

FIFA streamer Castro announces that his mother has beaten cancer

Castro has raised incredible amounts of money for cancer research in the past. Now he shared the big news that his mother has beaten cancer.

Edwin “Castro_1021” Castro, one of the biggest FIFA streamers, revealed that his mother has beaten cancer. He displayed the message on an undershirt after scoring against the Sidemen FC in the annual Sidemen vs YouTube charity football match.

Castro scored in the second half of the match, and it was a goal of surprising quality. The goal was a well-worked team move that started right at the back with the goalkeeper, Callum “Cal The Dragon” Whitworth.

Cal rolled the ball out from the back before it was played through the entire team. There were 11 passes in the build-up to the goal, which is something that you don’t often see, even at a professional level in football.

YouTubers Niko Omilana and Theo Baker played the biggest part in creating the goal. The latter of the two played a nice one-two with both Niko and Castro before returning the ball to the American Castro on the edge of the box.

Castro managed to pick out a frankly sensational finish as he slotted the ball into the back of the net, beating Jack “Pieface” McDermott down to his left. McDermott was left rooted to the spot, not able to get anywhere near Castro’s effort.

Castro then wheeled away in jubilation as he could celebrate his goal by announcing that his mother had beaten cancer. He pulled off his red YouTube Allstars shirt to reveal the message reading: “My mom beat cancer”.

The community and Castro's friends all came together to send him some well wishes following the news. He was visibly emotional after showing his message.

Castro's charity history

The streamer has consistently raised money and awareness for those who have battled cancer. Going as far back as 2015, he has done multiple long marathon streams to raise money for the fight against cancer.

In December 2015, he streamed for 50 straight hours, raising a total of over $80,000 for cancer charities. He was given an in-game item on FIFA 16 for his charitable efforts.

After the Covid-19 pandemic started, he also held a charity stream to raise funds for those who were hit worst by the pandemic. In that 28-hour stream, the streamer raised more than $200,000 to help those that needed it.

Castro’s YouTube Allstars team eventually lost the match 8-7 but the result of the game really doesn't matter. The two groups of content creators managed to raise a total of over £1million for charity during the match.

The charity match hasn't happened in a few years because of the Covid-19 pandemic. It was the first game to happen since 2018.

Castro played and scored in the 2017 iteration of the game. It will now more than likely return to its annual billing following on from the Covid-19 pandemic.

The money raised from the match is split between four different charities. CALM - Campaign Against Living Miserably (40%), Teenage Cancer Trust (40%), Rays of Sunshine (10%) and M7E (10%). The latest total that was displayed on the stream for the match was £1,074,379.

This total dwarves the previous total from 2018's game. It's more than 15x the £65,747 that they raised on that occasion.