Ted Lasso, his assistant coach and AFC Richmond Stars set to feature in last FIFA with several playable modes and customed kits.

With just few days left till launch of FIFA 23, EA Sports have announced that the popular fictional manager Ted Lasso and his team, AFC Richmond will be in the game.

Ted Lasso is a fan favorite award-winning comedy series that follows the journey of an American coach brought into a struggling Premier League AFC Richmond team. He is laughed at when he begins but eventually turns the club’s fortune around.

What to expect from FIFA 23 X Ted Lasso

Ted Lasso in FIFA 23. Image Credit: EA Sports

In FIFA 23, players will be able to select Ted, his assistant, Coach Beard as well as some of the biggest names in AFC Richmond. This includes the likes of Jamie Tartt, Dani Rojas, Sam Obisanya, Roy Kent, and Isaac McAdoo. Asides from the players, the club’s home stadium, Nelson Road will also be authentically integrated into FIFA 23.

What Mode can you select Ted Lasso or AFC Richmond?

All players will be able to select Ted Lasso as a playable manager in Career mode. This means you can build your squad and rise to the top all while having Ted making those business and coaching decisions in-game. You can also manage AFC Richmond team by exchanging them into the Premier League or any other leagues playable on Career Mode.

Asides from Career mode, you can play the AFC Richmond team across Kick-Off, Online seasons and Online frendlies.

Home Stadium, Nelson Road in game. Image Credit: EA Sports

FIFA 23 Ultimate Team options with Ted, Coach Beard and AFC Richmond

In FIFA 23 Ultimate Team, players will be able to select Ted or Coach Beard as their club manager. They can also obtain AFC Richmond’s customized items which will include team kits. Additionally, all the team content in FUT will be available through objectives and challenges.This challenges will likely last throughout the season or a period of time.

FIFA 23 launches worldwide September 30 and will be the last with the franchise name.

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