Amouranth rides her horses in wholesome Twitch stream cover image

Amouranth rides her horses in wholesome Twitch stream

Amouranth has returned to Twitch but this time it was for a more wholesome stream. Fans enjoyed watching her ride horses for the first time.

Kaitlyn "Amouranth" Siragusa blew up on the internet due to her hot tub streams and OnlyFans but has since admitted that she was forced to do this content against her will, claiming her abusive husband had control of her finances and social media accounts. The shocking revelation left the streaming community concerned for Amouranth's well-being, especially after she said that her husband had broken a door trying to take her phone from her.

The harrowing livestream was a cry for help, with Amouranth trying to take back control of her life. She reported that she was "okay" last night, adding that she wasn't sure she'd ever return to full-time streaming. The freedom to "wear clothes" and not stream for long hours every day feels "unreal," she added.

"Over the next week I’m going to take some time to process and spend time with the animals now that I’m not stressed that they are going to be killed. I can actually relax a bit. I just want to get back to what I like doing. I am happy that I am free but it is still a lot," Amouranth said at the time.

Earlier today, Amouranth returned to Twitch to do something she's never done live before: ride her horses.

Amouranth celebrates freedom with wholesome horse riding stream

Over 22,000 people tuned in to watch Amouranth ride her horses, the same ones that her estranged husband Nick Lee threatened just days earlier. Many found the stream wholesome and inspiring, with Amouranth doing what she loves on stream for the first time. A lot of fans noted that she looked genuinely happy.

While Amouranth is going through a hard time, it was encouraging to see her singing Disney showtunes in the car with her friend and hanging out with her animals.

It's currently unclear what Amouranth will do next now that she is not forced to only do the adult-oriented content her husband allegedly forced her to do. Her OnlyFans, Fansley, and Patreon accounts are still up and she has posted to her OnlyFans multiple times since yesterday.