Amouranth is taking an indefinite break from streaming, social media cover image

Amouranth is taking an indefinite break from streaming, social media

Amouranth has decided to take a break from streaming and social media but fans aren’t sure just how long she plans to be offline.

Kaitlyn "Amouranth" Siragusa is taking a break.

It's been an emotional week for Amouranth. The adult content creator had shocked the streaming community when she admitted she was married and that her abusive husband was allegedly forcing her to do hot tub streams and OnlyFans.

This was followed by an outpouring of concern and backlash, with some people scared for Amouranth's life and others blaming her for the situation. The drama continued when Amouranth fired her long-time friend and content manager for allegedly using the situation for clout despite knowing about the painful situation for a while.

Despite the exhausting past few days, Amouranth revealed that she was "okay" and even appeared on stream to ride her horses. Meanwhile, Amouranth stated that her husband was getting help and that they were separating.

Amouranth tweeted earlier today that she is taking a break, most likely hoping to focus on her personal life.

When will Amouranth be back?

It's unclear what Amouranth is taking a break from, whether it's streaming or social media — or both. Amouranth added that she is not sure when she will be back.

Streamers came to offer support for the influencer, telling her she should take all the time she needs. Others said that she should take her time; everyone would be here when she decides to return. Fans also applauded her for taking control of her life and spending some time offline.

For now, it's unclear when Amouranth will return and what she will be doing when she does decide to make an appearance again. She previously said that she was happy to be able to wear clothes again and not show her cleavage all the time, hinting that she may be looking to focus more on her investments, companies, and convention concepts rather than sexy streams.