Evolved Talent Agency is the company that landed xQc’s $100-million Kick deal.

Content creator Kaitlyn "Amouranth" Siragusa is now exclusively represented by Evolved Talent Agency. Read on for details.

Amouranth and Evolved Talent Agency

The talent agency has worked with Amouranth for years. Back in June 2023, for example, Evolved Talent Agency landed Amouranth a deal with Kick. This deal helped her rise as the most-watched female creator on that platform and Twitch. Amouranth has since gained over 14.5 million followers across multiple platforms.

According to Evolved Talent Agency, the company's team members who are supporting Amouranth include the following:

Team Member
Role at Evolved Talent Agency
Ryan MorrisonCEO
Christina HousenickHead of Growth
Vinny FiaccoDirector of Talent
Dan HeviaAgent
Britt RiveraAgent
Morgan BancroftExecutive Assistant

"I aim to diversify my digital income into traditional spaces and expand my brand into all branches of entertainment, and Evolved is the only talent agency I trust to help me do that," Amouranth said. "After working with so many agencies, it's rare to find an organization that caters to my individual needs and doesn't make me feel like just a number."

Evolved Talent Agency CEO Ryan Morrison also shared his thoughts on Amouranth working with his company.

"Our mission at Evolved is, first and foremost, to support the next generation of digital entertainers reach their fullest potential as creators," he said. "Representing Amouranth exclusively is an exciting milestone for us, because our team has worked hard for a long time to earn her trust and demonstrate how we could help her achieve top-tier success. Today, we celebrate her incredible achievements and are deeply proud to be her exclusive talent agency."

Evolved Talent Agency's roster of content creators

In addition to Amouranth, Evolved Talent Agency boasts other notable deals. Félix "xQc" Lengyel's $100 million deal with Kick, for example, is one of them. Including Amouranth and xQc, below is a list of some more folks who are also represented by the agency.

Botez Sisters
Screenshot of some of Evolved Talent Agency's clients (Image via Evolved Talent Agency)
Screenshot of some of Evolved Talent Agency's clients (Image via Evolved Talent Agency)

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