Here are the twenty-four teams that are going to the Rocket League Championship Series (RLCS) 2021-2022 World Championship.

The RLCS World Championship is coming soon! With the end of Spring Major, the points are locked and now we know who is going to attend the main RLCS event of the season. This is the biggest RLCS tournament yet, with twenty-four teams from 8 regions and a $2,085,000 USD prize pool.

The Worlds will start less than a month away, starting from August 4 – 14. It will take place in Fort Worth, United States at the Dickies Arena. The event is divided into two main stages: the World Championship Main Event and the World Championship Wildcard.

Seeded into the RLCS World Championship Main Event

Eight teams have secured themselves a spot in the Main Event. These slots are reserved for the top best regions of the season, with them getting an auto-qualification directly to the Main Event. Every Major, the teams not only won points for themselves, but also for their region. There are 3 European teams, 3 North American teams, one South American team, and one Middle Eastern and African Team.

EuropeMoist Esports
North AmericaG2 Esports
North AmericaFaZe Clan
EuropeTeam BDS
Middle Eastern and AfricaTeam Falcons
North AmericaThe General NRG
EuropeEndpoint CeX
South AmericaFURIA Esports

Moist Esports

The winner of the last Spring Major will go to the World Championship as a favorite. They have been quite consistent in the regionals with three regional wins. We will be seeing this roster on the main stage:

  • Joe “Joyo” Young
  • Axel “vatira” Touret
  • Finlay “rise.” Ferguson
  • Noah “noah” Hinder (Coach)

G2 Esports

Although they exit early in the Spring Major, no one can deny their achievements of winning the Winter Major and claiming four regional wins this season. We will see this roster on the main stage:

  • Jacob “JKnaps” Knapman
  • Reed “Chicago” Wilen
  • Massimo “Atomic” Franceschi
  • Matthew “Satthew” Ackermann (Coach)

FaZe Clan

Standing in second place in the North America Rankings, they are always a challenge with their Faze and Furious gameplay, and having one (or three!) of the best mechanical players in the world doesn’t hurt. We will see them making names for themselves with this roster:

  • Jason “Firstkiller” Corral
  • Austin “AYYJAYY” Aebi
  • Caden “Sypical” Pellegrin
  • Alexandre “AxB” Bellemare (Coach)

Team BDS

With four Regional wins, the champion of the Fall Major is no normal team. Their performance in the Spring Major was a disappointment but they promised to come back stronger. Here is their roster:

  • Evan “M0nkey M00n” Rogez
  • Alex “Extra” Paoli
  • Enzo “Seikoo” Grondein
  • Marc “MaRc_By_8.” Domingo (Substitute)
  • Théo “Mew” Ponzoni (Coach)

Team Falcons

Let’s be honest: it is long overdue to see another region in the top 8 teams, specifically the Middle East and North Africa (MENA). They were always in the scene prior to Rocket League’s region expansions and they finally get a chance to prove that they are as good as the top teams in the world. Team Falcons had delivered an excellent performance in the Spring Major. They were already a scary predator in the MENA region, grabbing every Regional win. They will be playing with the following roster:

  • Ahmad “Ahmad” Abdullah
  • Khalid “oKhaliD” Qasim
  • Mohammed “trk511” Alotaibi

The General NRG

A line-up of Worlds champion is a scary sight. They won the last RLCS World Championship before the world shut down due to COVID-19. With two regional wins this season, they are definitely looking to be the first org to win the championship twice. Here is their roster:

  • Garrett “GarrettG” Gordon
  • Justin “jstn.” Morales
  • Mariano “SquishyMuffinz” Arruda
  • Wyatt “musty” (Substitute)
  • Emiliano “Sizz” Benny (Coach)

Endpoint CeX

They had their ups and downs this season, with two regional wins during the fall season. They managed to stay at the top of the European Rankings and they are ready to steal the show. Endpoint CeX will be performing with this roster:

  • Lucas “RelatingWave” Rose
  • Otto “Metsanauris” Kaipiainen
  • Archie “archie” Pickthall (Loan)
  • Aron “Eclipse” Jones (Coach)

FURIA Esports

The hope and pride of the South American region have given everything they got to prove they belong in the top teams. They dominated the SAM Region with 6 regional wins and we are excited to see their next milestone. FURIA Esports will be going to the main stage with this roster:

  • Caio “CaioTG1” Vinicius
  • Gabriel “card” Vieira Cardoso
  • Yan “yanxnz” Xisto Nolasco
  • Wesley “Kairos” Silva
  • Mateus “STL” Santos

Seeded into the RLCS World Championship Wildcard

Sixteen teams will have to go through a wildcard event with a Swiss System format. Only eight teams will go through to the main event. The slot allocation is fixed for every region.

NA RankingVersion1
NA RankingSpacestation Gaming
NA RankingOpTic Gaming
EU RankingsDignitas
EU RankingsKarmine Corp
EU RankingsSMPR Esports
OCE RankingsRenegades
OCE RankingsPioneers
SAM RankingsTeam Secret
SAM RankingsThe Club
APAC N RankingsSenbei Strikers ( previously Tokyo Verdy Esports)
APAC S RankingsGaimin Gladiators
MENA RankingsVeloce Esports
MENA Rankings01 Esports
SSA RankingsOrlando Pirates Exdee
SSA RankingsBravado Gaming

North America is holding tight to their Worlds dominance

These powerful teams had not managed to clinch the auto-qualification slot for the Worlds and now we will see bloodshed. Version1 was looking good the last Spring Major with a 3rd placing and Torment will definitely be hungry for his second Worlds title. Spacestation Gaming is always there at the top, just needing to find the right tweaks to secure the victory. OpTic Gaming backed by Turbopolsa, the 4-times Worlds champion as their coach, will surely have a few tricks up their sleeves.


  • Kyle “Torment” Storer
  • Robert “Comm” Kyser
  • Landon “BeastMode” Konerman
  • Jayson “Fireburner” Nunez (Coach)

Spacestation Gaming

  • Tshaka “Arsenal” Lateef Taylor Jr
  • Slater “retals” Thomas
  • Daniel “Daniel” Piecenski
  • Robert “Chrome” Gomez (Coach)
  • Nick “FlowStateGG” (Mental Coach)

OpTic Gaming

  • Nick “mist” Costello
  • Andres “dreaz” Jordan
  • Braxton “Allushin” Lagarec
  • Turbopolsa Pierre Silfver (Substitute)

Europe is slowly taking over the Rocket League field

The European scene is always so happening. Dignitas will be aiming for their second win with ScrubKilla wanting another World Championship in his belt. Karmine Corp is at their peak right now with an amazing performance last Spring Major. SMPR is always there at the top but not quite enough and they have a lot to prove as they barely qualify for the Wildcard.


  • Joris “Joreuz” Robben
  • Jack “ApparentlyJack” Benton
  • Kyle “Scrub Killa” Robertson
  • Nicholas “Nick” Marrone (Coach)

Karmine Corp

  • Amine “itachi” Benayachi
  • Maëllo “AztraL” Ernst
  • Joseph “noly” Kidd
  • Benjamin “Eversax” Wagner (Coach)
  • Francisco “Arleyobi” González (Assistant Coach)

SMPR Esports

  • Andy “Kassio” Landais
  • nce Thibault “Chausette45” Grzesiak
  • Brice “ExoTiiK” Bigeard
  • Geoffrey “Finish” Perrot (Coach)

MENA finally making their long-awaited appearance

Since Team Falcons managed to climb up to the Main stage, 01 Esports will join Veloce Esports in the Wildcard stage. With MENA players populating the leaderboard in recent years, we love to see them finally playing with the big boys on the stage of the RLCS World Championship.

Veloce Esports

  • Osama “Smw.” Al-Humaidan
  • Mohammed “Twiz Al-Saeed
  • Ahmed “Senzo” Ayed
  • Bandar “Impressive” Al-Shaikh

01 Esports

  • Fahad “Zez0nix” Ahmed
  • Abdullah “ams.” Alsubaie
  • Abdulmohsen “M7sN” Al-Khamis

APAC’s beginning spark in the RLCS scene

Gaimin Gladiators and Tokyo Very Esports will be representing the APAC region. They have both been powerful forces in their respective region, with eight and six regional wins respectively. This newly introduced region highlights new talent in the area and we surely will hope they will shine under the spotlight. UPDATED: Tokyo Verdy Esports have decided to compete under the banner of Senbei Strikers for the Rocket League World Championship.

Gaimin Gladiators

  • Louis Christian “LCT” Thamrun
  • Maxeew Max “Maxeew” Ng
  • Abhai “Abscrazy” Ponna
  • OSM Gabríel Sindri Benediktsson (Coach)

Tokyo Verdy Esports

  • Shogo “ReaLize” Ikeyama
  • Tenhou “Tenhow” Igushi
  • Isaac “sigms” Cooper (Stand-in)
  • Ethan “Homie” Connors (Coach)

Oceania’s teams are kicking it up

Renegade and Pioneers will be representing the Oceanian region. They are neck to neck in the ranking, with Pioneers slashing PWR’s chances to go to the Worlds with their impressive run at the Spring Major.


  • Cameron “Kamii” Ingram
  • Cameron “CJCJ” Johns
  • Lachlan “Fever” Aitchison
  • Lachlan “LBP” Parker (Coach)


  • Ethan “Scrub” Klumpp
  • Lachlan “Superlachie” Gordon
  • Jon “Bananahead” Anastasakis
  • Chris “Threes” Keller

South America is showing growth in the Rocket League scene

FURIA Esports had managed to get the last auto-qualification slot in the Worlds, resulting in the attendance of The Club together with Team Secret. Team Secret had knocked Team BDS to the ground on the last Spring Major and people are starting to realize that the SAM region is not to be underestimated.

Team Secret

  • Roberto Lima “Sad” de Souza
  • Olímpio “nxghtt” Torres
  • Matheus “math” Gonçalves
  • Bruno “BRUNOVISQUII” Roschel (Coach)

The Club

  • Luiz Fellipe “AztromicK” Lopes Gomes
  • Danilo “kv1” Michelini
  • Gabriel “Lostt” Buzon
  • Pedro “fAsi” Henrique Rodrigues (Coach)
  • Nicolas “Michi” Michikoviski (Assistant Coach)

Sub-Saharan Africa is joining the rest of the world on the RLCS World Championship stage

For this season, the Sub-Saharan Africa region was introduced but they are not eligible to play in the Majors for direct RLCS World Championship qualification. They are allowed two slots for the Wildcard event. It will be exciting to see both teams perform together with the rest of the world.

Orlando Pirates Exdee

  • Gareth “Snowyy” Spiers
  • Ethan “Darth” Deysel
  • Niel-Robèrt “SkillSteal” Burger
  • cpZebra (Coach)

Bravado Gaming

  • David “2Die4” Morgenrood
  • Kamran Christopher “Daisy” Naidoo
  • David “Happymeal” du Plessis
  • Blade “SlaYeR” Taylor

Who do you think will get crowned as the champion of the RLCS 2021-2022 World Championship?

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