Rocket League Season 15 brings new cosmetics, game modes and LTMs.

Rocket League Season 14 is coming to an end soon and players can expect Competitive Rewards based on their performance. Psyonix has already announced most of the details of what players can expect new in the Rocket League Season 15. But when exactly does Rocket League Season 15 go live? Here’s all you need to know.

When does Rocket League Season 15 start?

Rocket League Season 15 will go live on June 5, 2024. The new season brings new cosmetics, LTMs, and game modes.

With the Demolition Audio update, you can now have a much better understanding of whether an explosion is linked to your teammate or an opponent. The SpellBound Goal Explosion is one of the more fascinating visuals in the game and players will be scrambling to get their hands on it. 

When does Rocket League Season 15 come to an end?

Rocket League Season 15 will end on September 4, 2024. Players can expect competitive rewards soon after the season ends. 

Meanwhile, Rocket Rush will also come to an end on June 3. Players looking to get the extra XP should grind up until that date. Rocket Rush allows players to get easier XP and thereby reach a higher level in their battle pass. This will ensure they can get better competitive rewards based on their level.

Rocket League Season 15 brings several changes including a background change to Salty Shores. There are new LTMs, cosmetics, game modes, and more. With Nissan’s Fairlady Z, players can change their goal explosion cosmetics to ensure a more fascinating performance and gameplay experience. 

Rocket League Season 15 will go live a few days before the RLCS London Major 2 starts, bringing the best teams together. The tournament runs over four days from June 20 to June 23 and has a Swiss Stage format for the group stage.