The final opportunity to collect as much XP as possible.

Psyonix has unveiled Season Rush that will help Rocket League players reach the famed Level 70 in the Battle Pass. Season 14 Season Rush brings the final opportunity for players to get closer to their rewards such as Biolumin Decal and Atlantis Goal Explosion. 

Season Rush Rewards

Players can complete the following missions to earn 5,000 XP for each task that they complete.

  • ⁠Hit the ball 30 times in Online Matches 
  • Get a goal and a win in an Online Match 
  • Get 2,000 total points in Online Matches
  • Get 15 clears or centers 
  • Play 3 Online Matches
  • Get 5 saves or epic saves in Online Matches 
  • Gain 1 XP Level
  • Score 5 goals in Online Matches
  • Play 2 matches in any Casual Mode
  • Win 2 Online Matches in a row
  • Get an assist and a save in an Online Match

As you can see most of these objectives are very easy to complete. Completing these tasks, you can ensure you have nearly 55,000 XP. For players that want to go even deeper, there’s an unlimited challenge.

The Unlimited Challenge is, wink, to win five matches. And every time you win five matches, you will be rewarded with a Level up each time.

When does Season Rush end?

Season Rush will come to an end on June 3 at 6 PM PST. So players have more than ten days to complete as many challenges as possible. At the end of the season, players with more points can ensure that they collect the most exciting cosmetics ahead of the new season. 

Rocket League Season 14 kicked off on March 6 and will continue for a few more days. It will complete nearly three months in June. Psyonix has already outlined the Season 14 rewards that players can collect at the end of the season.