Rocket League Season 4 to feature 2v2 competitive tournaments cover image

Rocket League Season 4 to feature 2v2 competitive tournaments

Rocket League Season 4 will feature new cosmetics, a new arena and cars. But it will also bring 2v2 competitive tournaments and Extra Mode tournaments in-game. Here’s what’s coming in Season 4.

Rocket League’s Season 3 ends on August 11. Psyonix has announced a few new features that will be part of the game with Season 4. Season 4 Competitive tournaments will include 2v2 tournaments and also feature extra modes. 

2v2 Tournaments in Rocket League

2v2 Rocket League tournaments will function similar to the existing 3v3 tournaments. Players can join the tournament alone or with a teammate to enter into a 32-team bracket. The daily schedule of competitive tournaments will expand to include more tournaments. Psyonix says they will add between 8 to 13 tournaments a week in every region. 

What are Extra Mode tournaments?

The increase in the number of tournaments means there will be much more variety in the type of events. Rocket League fans can expect Rumble, Hoops, Snow Day, and Dropshot events. Teams will enter Extra Mode based on their Tournament Rank, but their performance in the Extra Mode will not impact their ranks. But Psyonix has provided incentives to players for participating in these Extra Mode tournaments. Players will still receive Tournament Credits and Tournament Winner Titles from these Tournaments.

Between the 2v2 Rocket League tournaments and the Extra modes, there are many options for Rocket League players.

New Tournaments Interface

There are more tournaments and then there are also the Extra Mode tournaments. Rocket League will also feature an improved tournament interface. 

Here’s what’s new in the new tournaments interface:

  • Log of competitive tournament history. 
    • Date of entry
    • Placements
    • Rank of tournament.
  • Tournament Rank will now be displayed on the Tournament home screen.

Season 3 will come to an end on August 11. With a brand new season, Rocket League fans can expect new cars, a new arena and much more. Season 4 will undoubtedly bring new bundles to the item shop. Recently Psyonix also announced the launch of 'Creator Garages', wherein YouTubers and Rocket League content creators will curate a list of existing items. The Queen of Rocket League, Athena debuted the first ever creator garage. will cover the launch of Season 4 and everything that is new with it. Stay tuned to for the latest Rocket League news and updates