RLCS Winter Major will allow fans live at the YouTube Theater, California cover image

RLCS Winter Major will allow fans live at the YouTube Theater, California

For the first time since December 2019, a Rocket League LAN event will have fans cheering for their favorite teams.

Psyonix is giving fans what they want with the return to live audiences with the RLCS Winter Major. The tournament will take place at the YouTube arena in Inglewood, California. This is the first time in nearly 2.5 years that Rocket League will feature a live audience.

RLCS Winter Major: Fans return to live events

The RLCS Winter Major will take place from March 23-27 with the playoffs taking place over the last two days. The event has a $300,000 prize pool and has new regions and a lot of changes to the format.

Sixteen teams will participate at the event in four groups of four teams each. But this time, there is a difference as fans will be present to cheer for their favorite teams at the YouTube Theater in California.

For the first time since the Season 8 Rocket League World Championship in December 2019, we'll be welcoming fans back to experience the excitement of live RLCS action!

While the event starts on the 23rd, the final two days, the playoffs will be in front of a live audience. Tickets will go on sale soon in February. Psyonix will announce more details about the tickets on their social media platforms.

NRG is the only team to have qualified for the event at the time of writing. The team finished second at the Rocket League 351 event after losing to G2 Esports in the Grand Finals. However, NRG put on a stellar show in the lower bracket final against FaZe Clan. NRG reverse swept FaZe Clan after being down 0-3 to reach the Grand finals.

Community celebrates announcement

The Rocket League community was emotional and excited at the return of LAN events for the first time since 2019. Many fans are eager to visit Los Angeles to meet fellow players and celebrate the game. 

G2 esports wins Rocket League 351

Meanwhile, G2 esports secured its first Rocket League tournament win of 2021 after a victory over The General NRG in the Grand finals of Rocket League 351. The Winter NA Regional event 2 featured 16 teams competing for a $100,000 prize pool. G2 remained undefeated throughout the event until the Grand Finals.

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