eFuse partners with Version1 in multi-year deal which includes in-game vehicle branding cover image

eFuse partners with Version1 in multi-year deal which includes in-game vehicle branding

Global esports platform eFuse, has partnered with RLCS team Version1, becoming its first sponsor with in-game brand integrations!

Last season, Rocket League opened up opportunities for sponsors to be featured in-game. Following the update, esports hub, eFuse, partners with esports organization, Version1 (V1) to sponsor its Rocket League Championship Series (RLCS) team. Soon, fans will be able to purchase V1’s kits with an eFuse decal to customize their in-game vehicle.

eFuse partners with Version1 for in-game branding in Rocket League

In 2021, Psyonix announced that partnered organizations can now feature in-game branding on vehicles which opened up massive sponsor opportunities. With this, eFuse, a global platform that hosts a pool of gamers, made its move and partnered with Version1.

An expansion of an existing partnership

Version1 is a Minnesota-based organised that boasts an RLCS team that most recently placed fourth during the 2022 Winter regional event. EFuse has become the first Version1 sponsor to have in-game branding on the team’s vehicles as part of Psyonix's new initiative.

Rocket League has a highly engaged, global fanbase and the adoption of partner branding is an incredible opportunity for Version1 to offer value to our strategic partner eFuse.

Brett Diamond - chief operating officer at Version1

Following the partnership, eFuse is now the designated “Official Competitive Discoverability Platform” for Version1. The top global platform will function as the ‘strategic branding partner' of V1 which earns them the benefit of promotional rights of the team’s contents and live streams. As a result, we will see a lot of eFuse branding on everything V1, including matches, streams, video highlights, and more.

eFuse is also now the competition partner of V1. After several seasons of producing tournaments and community events for V1, eFuse is now the official producing partner for their entire and growing calendar of events.

“Our partnership with Version1 reflects mutual respect and appreciation for each other’s deep expertise in competitive gaming,” said Patrick Klein, chief strategy officer at eFuse. “After seasons of working together, we knew appealing to Version1’s incredible community would be a valuable investment in expanding our reach, while also formalizing our production commitment to the team’s growing calendar of events. We’re really excited to root for Version1’s Rocket League team and bring high-quality events to their loyal fans.”

V1 x eFuse kits will be up for purchase!

For eager fans that are excited to flaunt the V1 x eFuse brand, the kit will soon be available. There would be the white Version1 ‘Away Kit’ and the black Version1 ‘Home Kit’ for sale. You will also see these kits on the professional athletes of V1 while they're playing in the RLCS.

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