An illustrious career in Rocket League esports comes to an end, but Kronovi is not leaving Rocket League. He will focus his energy on creating content on Twitch and YouTube.

One of Rocket League’s biggest stars, Kronovi has announced his retirement from competitive play. The 24-year-old will still be involved in Rocket League and will produce content on Twitch and YouTube.

Kronovi’s popularity rose alongside Rocket League since 2015 and has been the game’s poster boy for a long time. However, after several ups and downs, and mostly downs in the recent months, the player has announced his retirement at just 24 years old.

A Past to remember

Gibbs, Kronovi and Sadjunior formed Cosmic Aftershock in 2015 and were soon, one of the best teams around. North American organization, iBuypower signed the Cosmic Aftershock roster. It was on this team that the players went on to win RLCS Season 1 with a 3-2 victory over Flipsid3 Tactics.

G2 esports signed the iBuyPower roster; Kronovi stayed on this team for slightly more than two years. During his tenure on G2 esports, the team had some notable wins, including top four at RLCS Season 4 Finals, a victory at the RLCS Season 5 NA. 

Kronovi joined Rogue in 2019 and despite continuous efforts the team regularly failed top place inside the top 8.

We never managed to break out of top 8, so I asked to be released from Rogue. Who knows if I was the next player out anyway. Roster moves can happen at any time, but regardless I wanted out of comp play for a little bit. I took the next split off so that I could figure out if I even liked Rocket League anymore.

The lack of results was a huge demotivating factor for Kronovi who took some time off to rekindle his passion. And he did so on his next team, Continuum where, despite not achieving top results, there was a continuous progression for the players. 

Pioneers acquired this roster in May 2021, a big step forward for the roster. But recent results have been disappointing and have resulted in Kronovi’s retirement. 

What’s next for Kronovi?

The player will focus on content creation on YouTube and Twitch. He has also kept the door open to getting back into RLCS as a coach or a caster. 

I maintain high standards and the amount of work to meet those standards is better spent elsewhere. I know I can become a great content creator and caster/coach if I put time into it. I'm at the crossroads of trying to bounce back for pro play or pursue multiple fun aspects of the Rocket League community. I'm sorry if I was the player you rooted for in the RLCS and now you have no one else to root for, but it's my time to move on.

Kronovi says his content will be focused on high-level gameplay, hopefully attracting Rocket League viewers who want to see quality gameplay on Twitch. 

 A lot of my content will still be focused on high-level gameplay, and when I stream I will always be playing ranked and pushing leaderboards. I hope to continue to grow alongside the Rocket League community and I invite everyone to continue to watch and support me on this new journey.

He finished his career as a substitute for Pioneers.

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