Fortnite’s Rocket Racing is not replacing Rocket League says Psyonix cover image

Fortnite’s Rocket Racing is not replacing Rocket League says Psyonix

Psyonix are also working on RLCS, although they didn’t have anythng to share just yet.

In a surprise tweet, Psyonix assured its player base that Rocket Racing will not replace Rocket League. The social media post came after criticism over Psyonix’s handling of Rocket League Season 13 launch, while at the same time releasing Rocket Racing in Fortnite.

Is Rocket Racing replacing Rocket League?

No, Rocket Racing is not replacing Rocket League. Rocket Racing is a new game mode within Fortnite. The new game mode was first announced during the Chapter 5 Season 1 launch, and released on December 9, 2023. 

Rocket Racing is not replacing Rocket League, and we’re excited to grow these games side-by-side with cross-game vehicle ownership between them.

Rocket League

Rocket Racing has ranked modes and is a big part of the cross-game ownership for Epic Games accounts in Fortnite and Rocket League. Rocket League players can find their cars in Fortnite and vice versa. The list of acceptable cosmetics is increasing day by day and the cross-game ownership will almost surely lead to players trying out the ‘other’ game. 

The devs also confirmed they are working on the RLCS and more updates coming to Rocket League. However, they did not have anything to disclose at present.

The same team that has been supporting Rocket League is still cranking on updates coming to Rocket League in 2024, both the core game and RLCS. It's a bit too early to share details, but expect more news on that in the new year

Rocket League

Over the past few days, the Rocket League community has been pretty apprehensive about the lack of hype around Rocket League Season 13 launch. With several Psyonix employees impacted in the last Epic Games layoffs, Rocket League seems to be working with a much smaller team than before. With Fortnite’s Rocket Racing integration, there were doubts about the game’s future in the community. The latest tweet seems to have alleviated some of these concerns for now.

What is Rocket Racing

Rocket Racing allows players in Fortnite to experience the joys of Rocket League in the game. Fortnite’s Rocket Racing has 25 tracks at launch with more tracks set to join the list in the near future. You can check the complete list of Rocket Racing tracks here.

The game mode, which is separate from Battle Royale and Zero build also has its own ranked matchmaking. With ranks from Bronze till Unreal, the racing game mode will ensure you stay at your competitive best. 

Cross-progression and cross-game ownership is the big feature that came along with Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 1. Cross-game ownership allows players to view their Rocket League cosmetics in Fortnite and vice versa. Here’s how you can get your Rocket League items in Fortnite.

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