Here is a guide on how to get Rocket League items in Fortnite.

With the new addition of Rocket Racing to Fortnite, many gamers are looking to transfer some of their items from Rocket League to Fortnite. Well, luckily, the new Rocket Racing mode allows just that, giving players cross-game ownership.

Here is how you can get Rocket League items in Fortnite.

Rocket League items in Fortnite

Allowing for items to be transferable through games is a big move by Epic Games. Hopefully, this convinces players from each game to try out the other title.

How to active cross-game ownership in Fortnite and Rocket League:

  • Connect both accounts to your Epic Games account.

It is as simple as that. As long as the same Epic Games account is connected to both your Rocket League and Fortnite accounts, then your items should be in both titles. As of now, there are only a few items that are transferable, but more should be added in the future.

Rocket League cars in Fortnite

The system Epic Games has put in order here works pretty well too. Right now, there are two cars that you can buy for Rocket Racing in the Fortnite Item Shop. Both the Cyclone and the Jäger 619 Bundles are available via V-Bucks.

Once you purchase them, they will also be available in Rocket League. If you have already purchased them in Rocket League, there is no need to buy them in Fortnite. They will already be in your inventory and ready to go.

This is a new system and Rocket Racing has only just been released, so we should expect to see a plethora of cross-game items released over the next year or so.

Epic Games continues to pave the way for innovation within the gaming world with moves such as making Rocket League and Fortnite cross-game compatible.

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