Rocket League Spike Rush is coming back and we are here to help you sharpen your skills and make sure your spikes are on-point!

Rocket League is already a super amusing concept with the combination of soccer and cars. From that alone, we already know the chaotic madness Rocket League has produced, with insane mechanical plays and an absurd levels of skill needed to compete at the highest level.

But what if we add another element to it? What if we add spikes? Spike Rush is an all-time favorite mode in Rocket League where you get to play the beloved futuristic game, this time with the added element of dangerous spikes.

Spike Rush Rocket League. Image from Rocket League.
Spike Rush Rocket League. Image from Rocket League.

Interested in games that bring you adrenaline and a dangerous rush? This mode is just for you. In this guide, we will tell you all you need to know about how to play Spike Rush Rocket League.

What is Spike Rush?

Spike Rush is a limited-time mode in Rocket League, first introduced during the '80s Culture phase of the Radical Summer event in 2019. Since then, it has returned a few times in Rocket League and it is celebrated by the community every time it makes its comeback.

The mode is a classic 3v3 casual game mode with a sharp twist. The objective of the mode is to score the highest goal in five minutes. There are three things that are different in Spike Rush compared to the normal game mod: the net placement, the boost usage, and the obvious spikes coming out of your Decals.

Spike Rush Rocket League. Image from Rocket League.
Spike Rush Rocket League. Image from Rocket League.

The mode has quite a high skill ceiling and you need to get used to the different paces and different mechanics compared to the classic game. The challenging part is to know how to handle the ball when it is stuck to your spikes and how to know when to let go.

Previous iterations of Spike Rush in Rocket League

Spike Rush has made four comebacks since its debut in 2019. We will be seeing the mode in the coming Neon Nights 2023 ft. Cochise.

  • Dec. 4, 2019 - Dec. 9, 2019
  • March 10, 2020. - It was added as a Mutator preset for private matches as part of Patch v1.74.
  • April 2, 2020 - April 6, 2020
  • Dec. 24, 2021 - Jan. 3, 2022. It was available as a limited-time mode during Frosty Fest 2021.
  • Jan.25, 2023 - Jan. 31, 2023. It will be available as a limited-time mode during Neon Nights 2023. (coming soon)

How to play Spike Rush Rocket League?

Here are the things you need to know before you unleash your spikes in Spike Rush:

  • Your spikes automatically engage after kickoff and after you release the ball. You will have a few seconds of normality before the monster spikes come out of your decals. The spikes then will only be turned off for a few seconds after you release the ball.
  • The most important button in this mode will be the release ball button. By default, it should be your L3 on a controller or the R key if you are using the keyboard.
Press L3 or R key to release the ball.
Press L3 or R key to release the ball.
  • As soon as you touch the ball, your boost will be gone. As in zero boosts, empty tank. You will not be able to collect the boosts either. So, when you are carrying the ball, you will be at your lowest speed.
  • Carrying the ball puts you in a very fragile state. You are easily demolished when you are carrying the ball. With just one instant touch, you'll vaporize into thin air.
  • The net placement is different, where it is on the field on each side instead of embedded into the wall. This means you can go behind and over the goal, introducing new mechanics and gameplay.
Net placement in Spike Rush.
Net placement in Spike Rush.

Tips and tricks to winning Spike Rush Rocket League

  • You are very weak and easily demolished when you are carrying the ball. You have a slight buff only during the first microseconds after getting the ball. Know when to engage and when to let go of the ball before you are bumped.
  • You can use the extra second after kickoff to flick the ball into position since the spike is not yet engaged.
  • When you get the ball, hold on to the ball only for a few seconds. You have to quickly figure out how to pass the ball to your teammate or shot for the goal before you get demolished. Remember, it's good to be passing the balls rather than being demolished every five seconds.
  • Do not take more boost if you know you're going for the ball next. Save the boost for your teammates as your boost meter will empty itself after you take the ball.
  • Stay off the walls and the backboard and stick to the middle field. It's easier to flick the ball and have full control of the ball when you have wide spaces around you.
  • Try to position yourself as close to the goal as possible before you take the ball. Once you are carrying the ball, you will be super slow without boost and you will want as many goal distance advantages as you can get.

Spike Rush will return during the Neon Nights 2023 on Jan. 25 to Jan. 31. Make sure to sharpen your spikes and get ready for a game full of rush. Stay tuned to for more Rocket League guides.