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Fire and Ice takes over Season 9 Rocket League, patch released cover image

Fire and Ice takes over Season 9 Rocket League, patch released


Rocket League Season 9 is finally here with a fire and ice, elemental theme. Let’s find out more about the upcoming season. UPDATE: Season 9 is now live!

It's hot! It's cold! It is Rocket League Season 9! The world of Rocket League is once again changed, this time with the awakening of the dragons from the Forbidden Temple. It forces us to leave the underground of Season 8 into an unpredictable world of Season 9.
UPDATED: Rocket League Season 9 is now live and you can read up on the patch updates over here.
In the newly-released trailer, Season 9 looks blazing hot and freezing cold with no in-between. The elemental theme represented by the familiar blue and orange of Rocket League already looks very enticing. The new season will bring the seasonal Rocket Pass, new arenas, new items, and recurring events!
Rocket League Season 9 will last from December 7, 2022 to March 8, 2023.

What we know about the Rocket League Season 9 Rocket Pass so far

The new Emperor on the field

Season 9's Rocket Pass will bring in a new wheel on the field: the Emperor Car. The muscle car with its powerful Breakout Hitbox will have two different versions available with the Rocket Pass Premium.
  • Emperor - available immediately with Rocket Pass Premium
  • Emperor II - Upgraded version of the Emperor, unlocked by working through the Tiers
In addition, two more Special Edition versions of the Emperor will be available in the Pro Tiers.
  • Emperor II: Frozen - Frozen version of the Emperor II
  • Emperor II: Scorched - Scorched version of the Emperor II

New Global Changing Goal Explosions

Goal Explosions are almost the best thing in Rocket League. With Season 9, we will get to see two new Goal Explosions celebrating your epic goal:
  • Brimstone Goal Explosion unlocked at Tier 95
  • Ice Age Goal Explosion unlocked at Tier 115
Brimstone Goal Explosion Rocket League. Video via
Furthermore, Psyonix has decided to bring back the exciting mechanics of Season 5's Cosmosis Goal Explosion, where we get to see the whole arena covered in fire or ice whenever you score a goal!

The hottest and coolest decals

We will get to see a lot of cool Items from the Rocket Pass this season! The Items are in tune with the ice and fire theme and it will surely be a storm on the field. They are also bringing back a few Items from 2017’s Dragon Banner Season Rewards.
Constella Decal
Constella Decal
  • Constellation-inspired Constella Decal
  • Piercer: Crystalized Wheels 
  • Forerunner: Roasted Wheels
  • Ice Drake
  • Fire Drake Player Banners

Forbidden Temple goes through a temperature change

The Forbidden Temple has undoubtedly been an arena full of stories. With the elemental dragons at war with each other, we have unlocked a new arena: the Forbidden Temple (Fire & Ice). Players will get to experience the familiar arena which has been beautifully destroyed by the dragons, with one side of the arena covered with permafrost and the other with molten lava.

Tournament Rewards

If you haven't tried joining the daily tournaments, the tournament rewards this season will surely convince you. We will be seeing rewards such as:
  • Seared Trail
  • Fireball Boost
  • Oil Can Antenna
  • Fire Clap Goal Explosion
  • Skulking Scale

The hottest and most chill Events coming soon

Psyonix has also announced two returning events in Season 9. The full information on the events has yet to be released but it's definitely going to be a fun twist with the elemental theme. The returning events are:
  • Frosty Fest
  • Neon Nights

Wrap up your Season 8 to claim your rewards!

Players who have participated in the Competitive Tournaments during Season 8 will receive an All-Star Cup reward.  Season 8's Rewards will be Player Banners with animated graffiti effects. Rewards are given based on your rank. Remember, all progress will reset following a new season and there is still time for you to level up! Season 8 will end right when Season 9 starts on December 7.
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