Haunted Hallows Rocket League is here for Halloween! cover image

Haunted Hallows Rocket League is here for Halloween!

Halloween is near and Rocket League just announced the annual Haunted Hallows event. This year, we will have more haunting new Items!

Halloween is just around the corner, so you know what's coming next for Rocket League: Haunted Hallows is coming back! This special event has been annually organized during the spooky season since 2017 and by now, it's a Halloween tradition.

In the announcement, Rocket League shared what the new Halloween event will entail. From new challenges to new LTM and new haunted Items, this event is the best Halloween event yet. The Haunted Hallows will last from October 19th to November 1st. Let's take a look at what the haunted season will offer us.

Challenges and Golden Pumpkins

Players can earn Golden Pumpkins to unlock Items from the Velocity, Triumph, and Auriga Item Series’. One Golden Pumpkin can be earned once you complete the challenges up to five times. Then you can go ahead to your Inventory to unlock the Items.

Here are the Haunted Hallows 2022 challenges:

  • Play five Online Matches during Haunted Hallows 2022
  • Use the "Faking." Quick Chats in five different Online Matches
  • Get thirty Shots in Online Matches
  • Win two Online Matches in a row
  • Earn 35,000 XP in Online Matches
  • Win by two or more Goals in an Online Match
  • Play five Online Matches in any Casual playlist
  • Get fifteen Goals or Assists in Online Matches
  • Hit the ball one hundred times in Online Matches
  • Get a Goal and a Win in five Online Match
  • Play twenty Online Matches (repeatable five times)
  • Win ten Online Matches (repeatable)
Haunted Hallows 2022 Challenges. Image via Esports.gg.
Haunted Hallows 2022 Challenges. Image via Esports.gg.

New haunted Items

The items this coming Haunted Hallows will be the creepiest and scariest items yet. With recognizable references from iconic horror movies, you can flaunt these amazing items when you unlock rewards by completing Haunted Hallows Challenges.

We have Sam's inspired Items from the movie Trick 'r Treat, where Sam makes sure you will never break a Halloween tradition. Chucky Doll Decal looks adorable, inspired by the not-so-adorable slasher doll from the Child's Play franchise. We will also have a seemingly normal-looking decal which is actually not normal at all, considering it is inspired by the Leatherface character from The Texas Chain Saw Massacre series. Last but definitely not least, Billy the Puppet makes an appearance from the famous franchise Saw, adorning his iconic Jigsaw Blade as the wheels.

You can also get Billy The Puppet Goal Explosion for only 800 credits. Players can also get the free “Sole Survivor” Player Title in the Item Shop!

Billy The Puppet Goal Explosion from Haunted Hallows 2022

Horror Villain Player Anthems

What's Rocket League without the anthems? Moreover, spooky anthems? YES! This year they announced six Horror Villain Player Anthems that you can occupy and flaunt during your matches. You can have the anthems for only 300 credits. Here is the list of the anthems:

  • Chucky’s Laugh Player Anthem by Universal Pictures
Chucky’s Laugh Player Anthem
  • Halloween Player Anthem by John Carpenter
Halloween Player Anthem
  • Hello Zepp Player Anthem by Charlie Clouser
Hello Zepp Player Anthem
  • Leatherface’s Chainsaw Player Anthem by Legendary Entertainment
Leatherface’s Chainsaw Player Anthem
  • Trick or Treat Player Anthem by Douglas Pipes
Trick or Treat Player Anthem
  • You Make Me Feel Like It’s Halloween Player Anthem by Muse
You Make Me Feel Like It’s Halloween Player Anthem

Haunted Hallows Limited Time Mode (LTM)

Spooky Cube LTM

A new spooky mode is here! Do you like pumpkins? If you don't, you're going to have a fun time smashing some. With the evil Jack-O'-Lantern cube bouncing around in the Farmstead (Spooky) Arena, you're going to have to chase it down and smash it to pieces. The Haunted Hallows Spooky Cube will be playable from October 19th to 26th.

Heatseeker LTM

The all-time favorite LTM is back with a horror twist. Also taking place in the spooky version of the Farmstead Arena, you have to do one easy thing: score a goal. Except a ghastly spirit has taken possession of the ball and every time you hit it, it will bounce back to the opponent's side. Good luck trying to score a goal! The Haunted Hallows Heatseeker LTM will be on the field from October 26th to November 1st.

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