eFuse continues their collegiate spending spree with a landmark acquisition of the Collegiate Carball Association.

In their second high level collegiate move this month, eFuse has acquired collegiate Rocket League tournament organizer CCA. In the acquisition, three members of the CCA administration will become full time eFuse employees, and the CCA will retain its branding.

Who are College Carball Association?

Founded by college students in 2017, the College Carball Association has grown to become the defacto home of high level collegiate Rocket League competition. With growing support from Psyonix, CCA has created high level competition in both the season and off-season through fun events like the CCA Summer Series.

Founding CCA member Ben "Bumney" Rumney is excited about the partnership with eFuse and is looking forward to providing more high octane Rocket League competition in the future.

Efuse will really help us by bringing more resources to our disposal. We want to do things we do, but more consistently. With eFuse we can do that.

Ben Rumney

How Will eFuse Bring Value to the Rocket League Community?

In their pickup of the College Call of Duty League, eFuse hired three full time members and committed to growing CCL's presence in the space. While CCA has more official recognition from the game's developer, the formula remains the same.

The CCA not only defines the collegiate Rocket League experience, but serves as a masterclass in audience development, triple-A event production and full-throttle expansion,” said Matthew Benson, CEO of eFuse. “At eFuse, we’re dedicated to helping gamers get discovered and we can’t wait to bring industry-leading opportunities to the 3,000 competitive players that make up the CCA community. What they have built is special. This upcoming year together will be big.

Matthew Benson eFuse CEO

With this new partnership, CCA is looking to bring back the Winter Classic and expand their content to highlight the talent and schools in the competition. With CCA's reach of 3,000 players across 400 schools, eFuse adds a significant piece to their growing collegiate empire.

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