Here are all you need to know about Rocket League Season 13, including all the items available in the Rocket Pass.

December marks the dawn of another season in Rocket League. It seems like this season brings the community back to the '90s and early 2000s, back when rocket-powered cars only existed as a futuristic concept. Rocket League Season 13 comes with a lot of changes to the user experience along with more items, challenges, and rewards. This season will be live from December 6 to March 5.

Two huge changes come with Season 13. Firstly, the community has to say goodbye to the player-to-player trading. The announcement was met with mostly negative reactions but Psyonix under Epic Games decided to move forward with the decision. This is to make way for cross-game ownership, where items with the Cross-Game attribute will also appear in players' Fortnite Locker.

Another change will be to the user experience where the main menu gets a makeover in Season 13. It will now feature a squared-off design where each submenu will have a streamlined layout. Competitive Playlists and Extra Modes Playlists are compiled into one new Competitive card. Furthermore, Competitive Snow Day and Dropshot will alternate between each season.

Season 13 New Arena Variants

There are new arena variants available in the new season available in Online Playlists, Private Matches, Exhibition Matches, and Free Play. The new arena variants are:

  • Mannfield (Dusk)
  • Farmstead (Pitched)
  • Wasteland (Pitched)
Mannfield (Dusk)
Farmstead (Pitched)
Wasteland (Pitched)

Rocket League Season 13 Rocket Pass Items by Tier

There are 100 tiers for every Rocket Pass. Players will rise by tiers as they play throughout the season, unlocking rare items. For players with Rocket Pass Premium, they will get to unlock new items on every tier.

Here are all the items in the Rocket League Season 13 Rocket Pass.

Tier 1 - Tier 10

Ace Limited Body
Octane: Geometrix Decal
Retrofied Player Title
Neon Bomb Rocket Boost
RP-TV Wheels
Notebook Paint Finish
Y2K Ready Player Title
x-Devil: Fly Flamingo Decal
Hyperplaid  Animated Decal
Premium Item
Free Item
1Ace Limited Body-
2Octane: Geometrix DecalRetrofied Player Title
3Neon Bomb Rocket Boost-
410% Party XP Boost-
5100 CreditsUncommon Drop Reward Item
6RP-TV Wheels-
7Notebook Paint Finish-
8Y2K Ready Player Titlex-Devil: Fly Flamingo Decal
9Hyperplaid Animated Decal-
105% XP BoostUncommon Drop Reward Item

Tier 11 - Tier 20

Beeper Topper
RC Limited Antenna
Ball-Life Wheels
Record Cabinet Topper
Floppy Disk Avatar Border
Breakout: Vintage Decal
90's Kid Player Title
Shocking Player Banner
Breakout: Bat Fang Decal
CRT Wheels
Primo Body
Premium Item
Free Item
11Beeper Topper-
12RC Limited Antenna-
13Ball-Life WheelsRecord Cabinet Topper
14Floppy Disk Avatar Border-
15100 CreditsUncommon Drop Reward Item
16Breakout: Vintage Decal-
1790's Kid Player Title-
18Shocking Player BannerBreakout: Bat Fang Decal
19CRT Wheels-
20Primo BodyUncommon Drop Reward Item

Tier 21 - Tier 30

Primo: Ball Hog Decal
CRT Topper
Yin + Yang Player Banner
Danpa Player Banner
PC Paint Finish
Dominus: Widebody Decal
Primo: Rewind
Mad Millenial Player Title
Scoot Wheels
Premium Item
Free Item
21Primo: Ball Hog Decal-
22CRT TopperYin + Yang Player Banner
235% Party XP Boost-
24Danpa Player Banner-
25100 CreditsUncommon Drop reward Item
26PC Paint Finish-
27Demo Disc 20XX by Epic Games Player AnthemDominus: Widebody Decal
28Primo: Rewind-
29Mad Millenial Player Title-
30Scoot WheelsUncommon Drop Reward Item

Tier 31 - Tier 40

RCA Rocket Boost
Fly Pig Antenna
Travel Case Topper
Dragon Flame Avatar Border
Neon Bomb Trail
RP-TV II Wheels
Octane: Heavy Feather Decal
Cute Engine Antenna
Ramen Bob Player Banner
Premium Item
Free Item
31RCA Rocket Boost-
325% XP BoostFly Pig Antenna
33Travel Case Topper-
34Dragon Flame Avatar Border-
35100 CreditsUncommon Drop Reward Item
36Neon Bomb Trail-
37RP-TV II WheelsOctane: Heavy Feather Decal
38Cute Engine Antenna-
395% XP Boost-
40Ramen Bob Player BannerUncommon Drop Reward Item

Tier 41 - Tier 50

Primo: Ret-Con Decal
Cyberspace Goal Explosion
Pet Octane Topper
Corkboard Paint Finish
Windowed Avatar Border
Autumn Antenna
Dominus: Beastly Decal
Crosscountry Wheels
Technoflow Rocket Boost
Premium Item
Free Item
41Primo: Ret-Con Decal -
42Cyberspace Goal Explosion-
43Pet Octane TopperCorkboard Paint Finish
44Manic by Phil Boucher Player Anthem -
45100 CreditsRare Drop Reward Item
46Windowed Avatar Border-
47Autumn Antenna-
48Dominus: Beastly DecalCrosscountry Wheels
49Technoflow Rocket Boost-
505% XP BoostRare Drop Reward Item

Tier 51 - Tier 60

Documint Trail
Cargo Wheels
Grunged Animated Decal
Primo: Radify Decal
CD-RW Wheels
Velvet Paint Finish
Yaddayadda Animated Decal
Ted-Tech Wheels
Premium Item
Free Item
51Documint Trail-
52Cargo Wheels-
53Grunged Animated Decal-
54Primo: Radify Decal-
55100 CreditsRare Drop Reward Item
56CD-RW Wheels-
57Velvet Paint Finish-
585% XP Boost-
59Yaddayadda Animated Decal-
60Ted-Tech WheelsRare Drop Reward Item

Tier 61 - Tier 70

Documint Rocket Boost
Primo: Farout Decal
Cargo: Inverted Wheels
Synthwave Trail
Virtuality Animated Decal
Ball-Life: Holographic Wheels
Pointbreak Goal Explosion
Premium Item
Free Item
61Documint Rocket Boost-
624 Tonight by Epic Games Player Anthem-
63Primo: Farout Decal-
64Cargo: Inverted Wheels-
65100 CreditsVery Rare Drop Reward Item
665% XP Boost-
67Synthwave Trail-
68Virtuality Animated Decal-
69Ball-Life: Holographic Wheels-
70Pointbreak Goal ExplosionVery Rare Drop Reward Item

Tier 71 - Tier 80

Lime Ace Body
Purple Cyberspace Goal Explosion
Purple Pointbreak Goal Explosion
Crimson Primo Body
Burnt Sienna Neon Bomb Rocket Boost
Saffron Synthwave Trail
Burnt Sienna Ball-Life: Holographic Wheels
Lime Virtuality Animated Decal
Sky Blue Ball-Life Wheels
Premium Item
Free Item
71Lime Ace Body-
72Purple Cyberspace Goal Explosion-
73Purple Pointbreak Goal Explosion-
74Crimson Primo Body-
75Burnt Sienna Neon Bomb Rocket Boost-
76Saffron Synthwave Trail-
77Burnt Sienna Ball-Life: Holographic Wheels-
78Lime Virtuality Animated Decal-
79Sky Blue Ball-Life Wheels-
80100 CreditsVery Rare Drop Reward Item

Tier 81 - Tier 90

Forest Green Cargo: Inverted Wheels
Lime RP-TV II Wheels
Pink Yaddayadda Animated Decal
Grey Neon Bomb Trail
Purple Scoot Wheels
Purple Hyperplaid Animated Decal
Grey Cargo Wheels
Crimson RP-TV Wheels
Cobalt RP-TV II Wheels
Premium Item
Free Item
81Forest Green Cargo: Inverted Wheels-
82Lime RP-TV II Wheels-
83Pink Yaddayadda Animated Decal-
84Grey Neon Bomb Trail-
85Purple Scoot Wheels-
86Purple Hyperplaid Animated Decal-
87Grey Cargo Wheels-
88Crimson RP-TV Wheels-
89Cobalt RP-TV II Wheels-
90100 CreditsVery Rare Drop Reward Item

Tier 91 - Tier 100

Lime Hyperplaid Animated Decal
Pink Synthwave Trail
Black Cargo: Inverted Wheels
Black Ball-life Wheels
Titanium White Neon Bomb Trail
Crimson Ball-life Holographic Wheels
Burnt Sienna Virtuality Animated Decal
Titanium White Cargo Wheels
Pink RP-TV Wheels
Premium Item
Free Item
91Lime Hyperplaid Animated Decal-
92Pink Synthwave Trail-
93Black Cargo: Inverted Wheels-
94Black Ball-life Wheels-
95Titanium White Neon Bomb Trail-
96Crimson Ball-life Holographic Wheels-
97Burnt Sienna Virtuality Animated Decal-
98Titanium White Cargo Wheels-
99Pink RP-TV Wheels-
100100 CreditsVery Rare Drop Reward Item

Season 13 Challenges and Rewards

There are four stages of Season 13's challenges where players earn rewards for each challenge. Stage 1 is already running with six Free Challenges and six Premium Challenges. Meanwhile, Stage 2, Stage 3, and Stage 4 will be unlocked on January 4, January 25, and February 15 respectively.

Stage 1 Free Challenges

  • Challenge: Get 50,000 total XP in Online Matches
    • Rewards: Rare Drop Reward Item
  • Challenge: Score 30 Goals in Online Matches
    • Rewards: 1 Level XP Level Up
  • Challenge: Play 15 Matches in any Casual Playlist
    • Rewards: Rare Drop Reward Item
  • Challenge: Win 15 Online Matches
    • Rewards: 1 Level XP Level Up
  • Challenge: Score at least 300 points in 20 matches
    • Rewards: Rare Drop Reward Item
  • Challenge: Get 200Shots on goal in Online Matches
    • Rewards: 1 Level XP Level Up

Stage 1 Premium Challenges

  • Challenge: Play 10 Online Matches while driving an Ace, Primo, Breakout, Venom, or Takumi
    • Rewards: 10000 XP Experience Award
  • Challenge: Get 100 Shots on Goal in Online Matches
    • Rewards: 10000 XP Experience Award
  • Challenge: Get 25 Assists in Online Matches
    • Rewards: 15000 XP Experience Award
  • Challenge: Get 100 Centers in Online Matches
    • Rewards: 15000 XP Experience Award
  • Challenge: Win 15 Online Matches
    • Rewards: 15000 XP Experience Award
  • Challenge: Score 75 Goals in Online Matches
    • Rewards: 15000 XP Experience Award

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