Team Liquid and TSM reach top four at Six Invitational 2021 cover image

Team Liquid and TSM reach top four at Six Invitational 2021


Team Liquid and TSM reach the top four at the Six Invitational 2021. The two teams will face each other in an elimination match.

The Six Invitational 2021 is well underway with the best Rainbow Six Siege teams from across the world in action. After a group stage that saw Brazilian teams dominate, the playoffs have thrown up quite a few surprises. Team BDS and Empire, both favorites after their dominant group stage performance are now out of the Six Invitational. After their success in the lower bracket, Team Liquid and TSM will face each other in the $3 million LAN tournament.

North American representative TSM stay alive

TSM started the day by taking down BDS esports in the lower bracket. The team then faced off against Oxygen esports in the lower bracket round 4. Kafe Dostoyevsky saw both teams brawl it out and the map went to overtime. Ultimately, TSM came out ahead to win the map with a 8-7 score. Club House was also similarly close and TSM secured the series with a 7-5 score on the second map. 

Bryan "Merc" Wrzek and Jason "Beaulo" Doty finished the series with a clear advantage over Oxygen esports. With this victory, TSM is the only non-Brazilian team left in the Six Invitational 2021.

Team Liquid best FaZe Clan to set up TSM match-up

Team Liquid won 2-1 vs FaZe clan. Image Credit: <a href="">R6 esports</a>.
Team Liquid won 2-1 vs FaZe clan. Image Credit: R6 esports.

Team Liquid has been running through the lower bracket of the Six Invitational tournament. After falling from the upper bracket due to a 0-2 loss to MIBR, Team Liquid has won its matches versus Parabellum esports and Team Empire.

The lower bracket round 4 match saw Team Liquid face off against FaZe Clan. The series saw both teams bring out their A game as it was a knockout survival match. 

Liquid won Kafe with a 7-4 score with three rounds on the attack and four on the defense. FaZe stepped up on Chalet and barely won the map in Overtime. It was a crucial map win that allowed FaZe to stay alive in the tournament. The final map was Coastline and Team Liquid looked extremely comfortable on this map. Liquid won Coastline with a 7-3 score. 

TSM and Team Liquid will now face each other in their next Six Invitational match. The winner will enter the top three while the loser has to contend with the fourth place. The Six Invitational has a $3 million LAN tournament and is taking place in Paris, France. The tournament does not have a live audience but is streamed live on Twitch.

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