Rainbow Six esports matches paused to honor the passing of commentator KiXSTar cover image

Rainbow Six esports matches paused to honor the passing of commentator KiXSTar

The award winning Rainbow 6 Siege commentator suddenly passed away at 24 years old.

Color caster and former pro for Rainbow 6 Siege, Michael "KiXSTar" Stockley, died earlier on Monday, October 11th. Fellow commentator Parker "INTERRO" Mackay released a statement from Stockley's family who announced their son's sudden passing. Stockley was only 24 at the time of his passing.

During his long career in Rainbow 6, KiXSTaR played for Team Orbit before transitioning to a role as broadcast talent. After his professional career, Stockley became a staple in the North American League and casted games from the Six Invitational and most recently the Mexico Major.

Stockley's family notes that Michael's passing was sudden and very unexpected. "He had so much planned for the future, and he was looking forward to working with so many of you". KiXSTaR's mother expressed her gratitude to the Siege community. She wrote "We are grateful for the love and support that we have experienced for so many of you. Keep it going, pay it forward, and keep lifting each other up."

Many figures in the R6 community have given their condolences over the passing and reflected on their experience with Stockley. Loviel "Velly" Cardwell shared his experience with KiXSTaR when both casted in Poland, say "He's a man of quality and excellence but he never bragged about it. He was as humble as they come." Velly also shared a photo of KiXSTaR winning the Esports Color Commentator of the Year just last year.

The Rainbow 6 Siege Esports Twitter account confirmed KiXSTaR's passing, giving their condolences as well. Out of respect for Stockley, his friends and family the NAL games scheduled for today have been pushed back. In their response, R6 acknowledged KiXSTaR's incredible contribution to the community by stating "Michael was one of the bright lights of our Siege community and he will be missed."