A touching memorial for one of the most popular R6 casters. The community approves.

Ubisoft has added a tribute to the late Rainbow Six Siege caster, Michael "KiXSTAr" Stockley. The in-game plaque commemorates the spot where he won a round after killing five players in eight seconds. The community approves. 

Ubisoft has added the plaque as a memorial to one of the most beloved members of the R6 community. The 8-second ace took place on Plane when KiXSTAr, then on Team Orbit single-handedly won the round for his team. 

<em>KiXSTAr’s tribute in Rainbow Six Siege.</em>
KiXSTAr’s tribute in Rainbow Six Siege.

"At first it was just colleagues," Mackay told the BBC in a statement, "but there was always a friendship... that feels like it became brotherhood. "Even three months later, on top of the grief, there is still a feeling of disbelief that this is not real.

KiXSTAr was the first professional player who went on to become a talent in Rainbow Six Siege. His humor, ability to explain plays and providing quality commentary quickly made him a fan favorite. KiXSTAr was also a popular Rainbow Six Siege streamer. 

KiXSTAr was the recipient of the Esports Awards Color Caster of the Year 2020

Ubisoft Pays Tribute to KiXSTAr

KiXSTAr passed away in a car accident on October 24, 2021. The R6 caster’s untimely demise was grieved by the R6 community. In a statement soon after, Ubisoft had released a statement, saying they were working on ways to properly memorialize KiXSTAr within Rainbow Six Siege.

Outpouring of emotions in the community

The Rainbow Six Siege community has had a positive response to the memorial. Many casters, players and community figures took to social media to remember the beloved caster. Fans thanks Ubisoft for the plaque, remembering an exciting gameplay, one of the best in Rainbow Six Siege.

Content Creator for Fnatic Network.
Content Creator for Fnatic Network.
Brazilian Rainbow Six Siege caster.
Brazilian Rainbow Six Siege caster.
Oxygen Esports Rainbow Six Siege player.
Oxygen Esports Rainbow Six Siege player.
Rogue's R6 Team Captain, Leon Giddens.
Rogue's R6 Team Captain, Leon Giddens.

New R6 Update requires Phone Numbers for Ranked Play

A new Rainbow Six Siege update requires players to register their phone numbers in order to access Ranked play. 

Ubisoft has announced it will require players to register their phone numbers to access Ranked play beginning next season. This move is to slow cheater re-entry as well as to curb smurfing in R6. 

It’s a good step forward to curb cheating in Rainbow Six Siege. The community has been vocal about the rise in the number of cheaters in the game. While this step won’t eliminate cheaters, it sure is a high barrier for cheaters to re-enter the game. 

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